Name: Vinatería
Location: Harlem, NYC
Design Jonsara Ruth

Vinatería is a great example of vintage made new again; but in a pulled together and thought through manner. 

More often than not, reclaimed and repurposed can typically mean it looks like you are walking into a flea market. With Vinatería, a little color helped provide cohesion between the elements and furniture and gave it a cohesive feel. 

With the chairs getting half dipped (some on top, others on bottom), metal screens providing both entry doors and pattern play, and warm woods providing a warm, lived in feel, the space is comfortable but curated. 

All images © Nytimes


Name: Bent
Location: Toronto

Located in Toronto, Bent is the perfect mix of whimsy and traditional.

Using traditional materials like subway tiles with dark grout, shaker style benches, and molded plywood chairs creates a great base to which they added a touch of the unexpected. 

The colorful stripes on the tables, gilded bronze pendants, and custom industrial stools all add a sense of 'we don't take ourselves too seriously' while still coming together to create a cohesive and thoughtful design.

All photos © Toronto Life

Outsider Tart

Name: Outsider Tart
Location: London

Located in London, Outsider Tart is a bakery & cafe that perfectly juxtaposes rustic and whimsy.

Utilizing vintage and found items and contrasting them with rustic displays and bright colors creates a perfectly balanced interior.

With limited space, every detail had to be thought through to make sure it made just the right impact. Maximizing space using the long display table in the middle creates flow while also breaking up the space. 

One of my favorite elements in the space is the ceiling that was created with sheet pans. Utilizing ordinary materials in unexpected ways also helps drive home the whimsy aspect of the cafe. 

Image 1-3 © We Heart