Garage Project

Name: Garage Project
Location:Wellington, New Zealand  
Design: Matt Smith, Common Goods

We love a good brewery and Garage Project, located in New Zealand, has recently grabbed our attention for its bold use of color, urban exterior, and simple tasting bar. 

Using a limited material palate, polished subway tiles contrast the warm wood bar and allow the beer on tap to shine.

With industrial and midcentury nods, the overall space compliments the polish and industrial nature of the brewing equipment adjacent. 

All images © Fancy!

Laurel Hardware

Name: Laurel Hardware
Location: West Hollywood, CA
Design: Sam Marshall

Located inside of a converted hardware store, appropriately named Laurel Hardware creates a space with a great mix of industrial and vintage.

When repurposing the space, they kept true to its industrial and warehouse beginnings while adding large windows to both sides connecting diners to the outside.

Large expanses of floral wallpaper and reclaimed wood add a touch of girly chic to balance out the exposed wood beams and industrial furnishings.

Keeping the materials natural and the addition of large windows keeps the space bright and inviting.

Image 1, 3, 4 © Remodelista
Images 2, 5, 6 © LA Confidential

Local Favorite: BellyQ

Name: BellyQ
Location: Chicago, IL

BellyQ, chef Bill Kim's newest restaurant has brought yet another interesting spot to the bustling West Loop food scene.

With a focus on the materials, the interior is relatively sparse and features a clean palate of grays, browns and copper. The main dining space features grill table along with four-tops and while cohesive in idea, seam to do little to delineate the space and account for sound absorption. 

The wingback chairs were custom upholstered with rich leather and feature the BellyQ logo stitched on the arm. 

While the space didn't succeed on all aspects, we are excited to see the continued emphasis on restaurant design on the Randolph St corridor. 

Image 1-3 © Behance
Image 4,5 © Eater Chi

Virtue Feed & Grain

Name: Virtue Feed and Grain
Location: Alexandria, VA
Design: Cathal & Meshelle Armstrong

With the restaurant's name taken from the buildings original use; a feed house, Virtue converted the warehouse like space into a casual & welcoming neighborhood spot.

With large timber framing, metal fixtures and support beams, and brick and wood used throughout the interior, the large space has taken on a more approachable and warm feel.

The mix of seating groups and styles assures all guests will be comfortable within the space while also allowing for multiple group types and activities to function simultaneously. 

All photos © Virtue Feed and Grain


Name: Garagistes
Location: Hobart, Tasmania
Design: Paul Johnson (architect) & Kirk Richardson (owner)

This minimal warehouse space is a great example of a well though through concept. At first glance, the simple community tables, exposed beams and brick walls evoke a clean and styled space. Knowing all elements were made locally by local artisans, weaves a unique texture into the design. With the all of the food coming from four local vendors, the idea of local and sustainable was taken to a whole new level. Keeping with this idea, you can understand how sourcing all of the furniture and fittings from local craftsmen(even their dishes are created from local clay and glazes) keeps their vision and concept strong and cohesive.

Image 1-3 © Habitus Living