LA Condesa

Name: La Condesa
Location: Austin, TX
Design: Joel Mozersky & Michael Hsu 

Colorful and retro with a touch of eclectic works perfectly for Tex Mex restaurant, La Condesa. Layering industrial materials with soft leathers and bright colors creates a warm and vibrant space fitting of the food. 

The bright colors and modern architecture work well to create an energetic interior. Old Mexican billboards found new life as they were broken down and reassembled into a  large, can't be missed, mural on the far wall. 

The vintage vibe and playful lines also help keep the space upbeat, bright and inviting. We love the layering of materials and the texture and comfort level it brings to the interior. 


Name: Contigo
Location: Austin, TX

Located in East Austin, Contigo seeks to be an extension of the owners family ranch. With a rustic and communal vibe, the interior and patio offer up a great dining experience. 

The expansive patio is filled with communal tables representative of standard picnic tables. Both interior and exterior feature an abundance of wood and rustic refinement while the leather bar height seating adds a visual connection to the traditional ranch.  Contigo does a great job blending the rustic elements found on a traditional ranch with the modern sensibility of Austin's hip dining scene. 

Image 1 © John Pesina
Images 2-4 © Contigo

Clarks Oyster Bar

Name: Clark's Oyster Bar
Location: Austin, TX
Design: McGuire Moorman

Bright, preppy, and nautical are all thoughts that come to mind when stepping inside Clark's Oyster Bar in Austin, Texas. Being the little brother to Perla's, both spaces are clearly connected but both maintain their own identity and personality. 

The navy, yellow, and mint color scheme are broth through to every detail creating a cohesive and fun atmosphere. The nautical details used on the menus, table ware, and interior materials all transport you to a seaside, East coast local. 

 Image 4© Statesman
Images 2, 3, 5 © Remodelista

The Pass & Provisions

Name: The Pass & Provisions
Location: Houston, TX

Located in the heart of Houston, almost in the center of the loop, lies The Pass & Provisions. One part fine dining and the other side a more casual lunch and dinner spot, the space comes together with it's industrial accents.

The communal restroom style (individual toilets with a shared main sink space) is increasingly trendy at the moment. The wood counter, pipe frames for the mirrors and classic subway tiles add to the industrial and urban style.

The Provisions more casual side adds color to the industrial palate to create an approachable space that feels warm and showcases the food being prepared.

A Look Back; Our Work

It's been a busy year for us and couldn't be more excited about the projects we've gotten to work on and the clients we've gotten to work with. Here is a quick look back at what kept us busy during 2012.

Name: The Salsa Truck
Status: In progress
Location: Chicago, IL

Name: The Garage
Status: In Progress
Location: Chicago, IL

Name: Dryhop Brewers 
Status: In Progress
Location: Chicago, IL

Name: Shady's Burgers & Brewhaha
Status: In Progress
Location: Dallas, TX
Name: Cogdal Vineyards
Status: Design Completed
Location: South Haven, MI

Name: The Savoy (Previously named, The Odyssey)
Status: Completed
Location: Chicago, IL

Name: Bang Bang Pie Shop
Status: Completed
Location: Chicago, IL

Status: Completed & Aired
Location: Chicago, IL

A huge thank-you goes out to all of our amazing clients and fans for making 2012 such a great year. With The Garage, The Salsa Truck, Dryhop, and Shady's all opening in 2013, we can't wait for all that 2013 has in store. 


Name: Abi-Haus
Location: Abilene, TX
Lettering: Tanamachi Studio

With the notion that 'everything is bigger in texas' I'd have to say that this pint sized space is pretty big on the details.

Opened by graphic designer and teacher and a friend from the local air force base, they brought a passion for good food and great design together to create a space atypical for the Texas area. 

Using a neutral material palate of multiple woods pair with white walls, the true design comes through from the custom typography evident on all of the walls. 

The custom graphics gives the space a handcrafted, authentic, and inviting atmosphere while keeping this cohesive and high styled.

Images 1,2 © Wade Griffith's Flickr
Image 3-5 © Tanamachi Studio


Name: Oddfellows
Location: Dallas, TX

 I thought I'd show you a favorite from our recent whirlwind trip to Dallas. Oddfellows is a breakfast/brunch/and coffee spot located in the Bishop Arts District and has a great handcrafted feel.

The white boarded walls, cool color palate and slatted benches reminds me of a urban lake house or retreat. The coffee bar stand at the front of the space, welcoming guests inside and features operable windows that allow diners to sit either inside, or outside to enjoy their cup. 

With industrial and collected touched scattered throughout the space, it remains casual and easy going while still keeping a distinctive style and refinement of concept.

Photo 1 © Eater Dallas
Photo 2 © Wade Griffith
Photo 3 © Switch Creative
Photo 5 @ The Little Dish

Hillside Farmacy

Name: Hillside Farmacy
Location: Austin, TX

Originally housing Austin's first African-American run pharmacy, the building has been transformed into a whimsical eatery rich with history and details. From the play on words name to the original wood cabinets housing restaurant staples, the entire space takes on an updated vintage feel. With a modern green, brown, and white exterior color scheme and interior with pops of deep aquamarine and goldenrod yellow, the space keeps it's rich heritage while welcoming a new clientele.

All images © Eater Austin

Congress; Second Bar + Kitchen

Name: Congress- Second Bar + Kitchen
Location: Austin, TX

Another from Bon Appetit Best New list of 2011 is Congress, located in Austin Texas. Congress consists of three parts that all work together and yet independent at the same time. The best of the three, in my view, is second bar + Kitchen. More casual than the others, it manages to keep an urban yet sophisticated feel. The scale of the large pendant fixtures and the division of space catch my eye and I love the use of the tolix stools in a more refined setting along with the other industrial linear fixtures mounted above the main dining space.

Image 1 © Bon Appetit
Image 3 © statesman
Custom Bar Stools provided by: Gary Weeks & Company