Nomad Coffee

Name: Nomad Coffee
Location: Barcelona
Design: Unknown

There is something great about the simplicity and unfussy nature of Nomad Coffee. Located in Barcelona, Nomad started out as a small cart and has since transitioned to a brick and mortar space, their name speaking to their roots. 

The unimposing and warm facade welcomes you into a communal space with a utilitarian aesthetic that emphasizes the craft and connection.

Image 1, 2 © Fuet Magazine
Image 3 © The Soup Spoon

Mikkeller Bar

Name: Mikkeller Bar
Location: San Francisco, CA
Design: Martin heid design/build

An American take on a Copenhagen brewery, Mikkeller is as much a standout for it's location as it is for the design. 

With blond woods, exposed brick, and industrial charm the space perfectly blends the Scandinavian lightness with the gritty and raw location.  Many of the design components remind me of Torst beer bar, located in Brooklyn.

 Teaming up with The Trappist of Oakland and Mikkel Borg, who opened the original Mikkeller Bar in  Copenhagen, the bar has high standards to be the best beer bar in the US.

The large scale of the two story space is accentuated with large scale graphics, heavy steel posts and an all encompassing bar surrounded by minimalist bar stools.

All images © Eater SF


Name: Maison
Location: South Africa

I love the simplicity and openness that is shown throughout Maison. A winery with a tasting room, deli, and restaurant; all spaces work in harmony but still give a large graphic punch. 

The use of blonde wood, stark acrylic chairs, and polished white creates an airiness throughout the space. Paired with the worn barn wood, stacked logs, and wine bottle chandelier, each spaces still exuded warmth and remains inviting. 

The use of furniture and fixtures that are also light and airy in appearance helps extend the open feeling of the space. 

 Images © Weheartco & Maison


Name: Bolivar
Location: Oslo, NO

Bolivar is a great urban cafe set against a beautiful raw backdrop of exposed concrete, metal, and brick.

Using upholstered chairs, benches and pillows they have added warmth and contrasted the beautiful industrial space.

The oversized pendants used throughout the interior are large in scale and work perfectly with the high ceilings and minimal decor.

I love the built in concrete benches that add to the raw and industrial nature of the space.

All Images © Bolivar


Name: Host
Location: Copenhagen
Design: Norm Architects

The warmth exuded from the raw space of Host, located in Copenhagen, is enough to win anyone over.

The simple, well crafted material and details throughout this space proves that minimal doesn't mean empty. 

The warn wood tables, hand crafter pottery and table ware and raw walls all give the space a sense of clarity while also delivering the rustic element that balances out the space.

Painted white brick walls and collections of vintage bread boards creates a visual break on the wall and compliments the rustic and raw nature of the space. 

Matchstick Coffee

Name: Matchstick Coffee
Location: Vancouver, BC

Matchstick, located in Vancouver, is a great example of a well thought through concept on a small budget. 

Matchstick's branding and logo evoke the warmth and playfulness of their owners while also drawing connection to the handcrafted quality of their product.

Matchstick did a great job understanding their concept and core identity and portraying it to the public through their use of simple, raw materials and clean color palate. 

The minimalism created inside of the space not only helps with small budgets, but also keeps the interior unfussy and uncluttered. This direction thoughtfulness of objects and space speaks to the owners clear vision of their brand and product. 

The large, live edge community table is one of the largest visual components of the space (other than the long service bar on the opposite wall) and emphasizes Matchsticks desire to be a community gathering space. This long table can transform to meet multiple needs through the day in a variety of situations and brings people together.

Large groupings of the same artists work create a much bigger visual effect than their initial cost.

Images 2,3 © Matchstick Facebook
Image 4 © Raul P Flickr
Image 5-7 © Cleanhotdry

Bar & Co

Name: Bar & Co/ Kitchen & Co
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Design: Joanna Laajisto

Located in Helsinki, Bar & Co was designed to outlive trends. In order to create this, timeless materials and thoughtful approach were used.

The space was divided up into three rooms, the butcher's room, the library, and the smoking room. These spaced all have their own identity and feeling but also feel united and continuous. 

The butchers room features Carrera marble, clean white walls, subway tiles and industrial fixtures and accessories. 
I adore the meat grinder detail as well as the industrial yet simple wall fixtures.

The library introduces warm textures and textiles while still remaining clean and distinctly finnish.

From here, you transition into the smoking room which continues the green introduced in the library. Adding moulding and bistro chairs gives the space a distinct bistro-feel while also remaining clean and uncomplicated.

All photos © Mikko Ryhänen via Yatzer


Name: Kolonihagen
Location: Oslo, Norway

There is something so rustic and unfinished about Kolonihagen that creates a warm and welcoming space.


Chambre separee

With rich, dark wood floors and exposed brick walls, The mismatched furniture allows the space to feel unpretentious and familiar.

By using found items, and keeping the furniture in the same light, earth-toned color family, the space still feels pulls together and cohesive.

A wood plank wall was crafted to separate spaces and hanging bulbs provide just enough light while adding a romantic glow throughout the space.

Gårdsbesøk – Grøndalen gård – lykkelig ku!

Restauranten nede

The Sound Table

Name: The Sound Table
Location: Atlanta, GA

The Sound Table merges music, food, and cocktails into a modern package filled with local artists.

Using locally sourced Ambrosia Maple along with reclaimed timbers and locally crafted lighting, the space feels local, modern and clean.

The slat benches located throughout the space contact the exposed brick walls and add a touch of scandinavian simplicity and lightness.

Image 1 © SpoonFed Atlanda
Image 3 © Eater Atlanta

Divino Wine Bar

Name: Davino Wine Bar
Location: Budapest
Design: Suto Interior Architects

Davino Wine Bar created a modern and warm spot perfect for displaying wine and serving customers. Utilizing a neutral color palate and limiting the materials used helped keep them on budget and focused in the design.

Utilizing strong geometric shapes and the light pine creates a great backdrop for the restaurants wine display while also providing a feature wall and focal point.

Concrete counters and diamond plating for floors helped establish the dark grey, black, and silver used to balance out the large quantity of pine.

I enjoy that all components follow through with the simple yet strong geometric aesthetic. Having the lights mirror the shape of the bar and wine display tie the space together and give it a harmonious feel.

All images © Architectural