Name: SLA
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Design: Nicemakers

With the world taking a deeper look at it's food, how we eat, and the care of our ingredients, it's always fun to see how these ideas translate into built environments. While the US is focusing on farm to table, warm woods, raw materials, and an overall emphasis on the rustic and farm-like feel, SLA has gone in an equal, but opposite direction, focusing on the greenhouse.  

The main focus in the lofted interior is the greenhouse-like structure over the counter. This large focal point directs guest to the heart of their space and to their overall concept and direction. 

Simple furniture, and a neutral palate adds freshness to the space while drawing attention to the greenery that surrounds. 

The walls showcase plants and other greenery, vintage gardening tools, and service utensils in a minimalist manner while the honey wood chairs and simple metal stools harken back to traditional greenhouse and exterior furnishings. It's always great to see how different regions interpret and showcase the similar idea of fresh, healthy eating. 

Out The Door

Name: Out The Door
Location: San Francisco, CA

The sister to San Francisco acclaimed Slanted Door, Out The Door takes on a new approach to modern Vietnamese cooking in an incredibly stylish environment.

The space is clean and well thought through with a large counter, butcher block community table at the front of the store, and banquette seating flanking the wall. 

Using natural materials like slate and wood adds warmth to the space. This is contrasted by clean lines and organized seating which add structure and modernism.

Image 2 © Sunset
Image 3 © Aliceqfoodie
Image 1,4-5 © Indoarch


Name: Kolonihagen
Location: Oslo, Norway

There is something so rustic and unfinished about Kolonihagen that creates a warm and welcoming space.


Chambre separee

With rich, dark wood floors and exposed brick walls, The mismatched furniture allows the space to feel unpretentious and familiar.

By using found items, and keeping the furniture in the same light, earth-toned color family, the space still feels pulls together and cohesive.

A wood plank wall was crafted to separate spaces and hanging bulbs provide just enough light while adding a romantic glow throughout the space.

Gårdsbesøk – Grøndalen gård – lykkelig ku!

Restauranten nede


Name: August
Location: New York

August is a lesson in rustic. Wide plank wood and cobblestone floors meet distressed walls peeling with layers of blues and greens. The entire space gives off a warm glow and feels entirely comfortable and rooted. The greenhouse like space located in the back of the restaurant makes you feel like you could be anywhere but NYC, creating an intimate experience and beckoning you to stay a while.

All images © August