Verden E5

Name: Verden E5
Location: London
Design: Otherworks

Located in London, Verden E5 is a modern wine bar and deli. With bold geometric lines prevalent throughout the interior, the space is modern and dramatic.

Intimate lighting in the dining room contrasts the lighter, airy bar space. I love the bold lighting in the bar area and enjoy the strong geometry created by use of simple fixtures. 

All images © Verden E5


Name: Pallet
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Design: City Home Collective

Pallet does a great job mixing industrial with rustic to create a space that appears welcoming and urban.

Using multiple table and seating types, they were able to visually divide up the space into more intimate groupings.

Keeping a simple material and color palate allows the space to not get too busy while also keeping it cohesive. 

All photos © Pallet