Truth Coffee Shop

Name: Truth Coffee Shop
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Design: Haldane Martin

One of the most noticeable trends throughout the world currently is the influx of industrial. With a raw nature, truth of materials, and authenticity it is easy to see how so many have grown to love this aesthetic. As with any trend, there grows the group of people who yearn to be different and to expand past what is 'trendy'. One of the most common trends I see coming into favor is Steampunk. While I can see direct link from industrial to steampunk, I feel the need to stress that these two styles are by no means the same. Truth Coffee Shop is a great example of what steampunk represents and showcases the differences between the two styles flawlessly. 

The steampunk style relies heavily on the mixture science fiction and steam powered machinery. Blurring the line between industry and decoration, steampunk can incorporate a varying degree of components and characteristics. 

While both styles showcase natural woods and metals, steampunk does so in a mechanical way. Touches of Victorian and Art Nouveau can be witnessed through the rich hues, ornate details, and elaborate curves. 

What I love about the Truth Coffee space is that they took the machinery and components of coffee roasting and brewing and used them as inspiration for their steampunk interior. By imagining these machines as both form and function, they crafted a space that perfectly blends the machinery with the art of coffee. 

All images © This is colossal

The Commune Social

Name: The Commune Social
Location:Neri&Hu Design and Research Office
Design: Shanghai, China

The Commune Social is a great example of a well balanced, rustic meets modern, space. With small, compartmentalized interior spaces, each area is minimal and well defined.

The rough wood and raw ceiling contrast the minimalist furnishings and clean-lined steel fixtures. 

I enjoy that while raw and industrial, each seating area still feels warm and inviting; a great balance.

All images © Archdaily


Name: Noodlebox
Location: Shelbourne Victoria, BC
Design: Evoke

For a large chain, Noodlebox has done a great job re-imagining their brand. Using a limited color palate, custom fixtures, and a heavy hand of wood, the space is a balance of rustic and modern.

Whether their intention or not, keeping the material and color palate limited allows them to replicate the design easily no matter the location or space size. 
I love that they exposed the ceilings and created harmony throughout by carrying through wood as the main material. The contrast of concrete and steel adds a modern touch and keeps the space hip and on trend. 

All photos © Evoke

The Abbot's Cellar

Name: The Abbott's Cellar
Location: San Francisco, CA
Design: Lundberg Design

The Abbot's Cellar is a well crafted and warm restaurant located in San Francisco. The design stays streamlined and clean, and gives new light to some mainstream trends.

The voluminous interior is kept warm through the use of large rough hew timbers, and a natural color palate. The warmth of wood balances the cool nature of concrete and stainless and creates a harmonious color scheme that feel relaxed yet pulled together. 

The use of horizontal run wood slats emphasizes the length of the space and keeps your eye moving through the space as you enter. These slats also help break up the tall walls giving the space a human scale aspect. 

Lulu & Po

Name: Lulu & Po
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Lulu & Po is a great example of a space that is completely Brooklyn. Warm, rustic, a bit edgy with a casual coolness. 

I love the exposed concrete floors with the multiple layers of years showing through. The light table and shaker chairs do a great job of keeping the space pulled together & contrast the organic nature of the large scale artwork and menu board.

The bar does a great job maintaining contrast with the warm wood wall and clean white subway tiles. Changing the seat and bar stool colors helps break up the space and gives the eye a break as it takes in the space. 

Images 1, 4-5 © Brownstowner
Image 2-3,6 © Lingered Upon

Out The Door

Name: Out The Door
Location: San Francisco, CA

The sister to San Francisco acclaimed Slanted Door, Out The Door takes on a new approach to modern Vietnamese cooking in an incredibly stylish environment.

The space is clean and well thought through with a large counter, butcher block community table at the front of the store, and banquette seating flanking the wall. 

Using natural materials like slate and wood adds warmth to the space. This is contrasted by clean lines and organized seating which add structure and modernism.

Image 2 © Sunset
Image 3 © Aliceqfoodie
Image 1,4-5 © Indoarch

Gowings Bar & Grill

Name: Gowings Bar & Grill
Location: Sydney, Australia

Located in the QT Sydney hotel, Gowings is an Australian meets European brassier. With a luxe mixture of materials, the interior creates an upscale and comfortably chic environment.

The space is divided up into multiple areas, each with their own signature style that all work together with the use of mixed metals and gilded finishes.
I love the storefront like displays created for the wine room and seafood, treating the ingredients inside like works of art.

Photos 1-3 © Artinfo

Craftsman & Wolves

Name: Craftsman & Wolves
Location: San Francisco, CA

Craftsman & Wolves is a speciality bakery located in San Francisco. What I love about this concept is simply how much they managed to elevate the experience of a typical bakery. Clean lines, simple materials, and a bit of rustic/ industrialall contrast the jewel-like qualities of the pastry displays.

The horizontal, varying height tiles help keep your eye moving in the linear space while the library ladder system allows the menu to change as needed throughout the day. 

The minimalist seating area, outfitted with exposed brick, white walls, and filled with natural light  allow the pastries to shine.

All photos © Aubrie Pick


Name: Tank.
Location: Australia
Design: Anna Drummond Design

Tank. is a modern fish & chippery designed to play on the traditional greek fish and chips. Keeping a simple color palate of blue and white, which furthers the concept of freshness and seafood while playing off the traditional Grecian colors, the space takes on a fun, clean atmosphere. 


The hits of neon typography and metal tolix style stools help continue the clean and modern feeling.