Matchstick Coffee

Name: Matchstick Coffee
Location: Vancouver, BC

Matchstick, located in Vancouver, is a great example of a well thought through concept on a small budget. 

Matchstick's branding and logo evoke the warmth and playfulness of their owners while also drawing connection to the handcrafted quality of their product.

Matchstick did a great job understanding their concept and core identity and portraying it to the public through their use of simple, raw materials and clean color palate. 

The minimalism created inside of the space not only helps with small budgets, but also keeps the interior unfussy and uncluttered. This direction thoughtfulness of objects and space speaks to the owners clear vision of their brand and product. 

The large, live edge community table is one of the largest visual components of the space (other than the long service bar on the opposite wall) and emphasizes Matchsticks desire to be a community gathering space. This long table can transform to meet multiple needs through the day in a variety of situations and brings people together.

Large groupings of the same artists work create a much bigger visual effect than their initial cost.

Images 2,3 © Matchstick Facebook
Image 4 © Raul P Flickr
Image 5-7 © Cleanhotdry