Name: Shortstop
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Design: Foolscap 

A good doughnut is always a good find. A good doughnut in a great space; can you ask for more?
Foolscap crafted a space for Shortstop Coffee & Doughnuts that is bright, light, and playfully speaks to the key offering.

We love the subtle pattern created from the tile installation and the beautifully displayed doughnuts within their glass case. Subtle, well-thought out details like these help elevate the simple interior.

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Throughout the space you will notice the circular shape present; a playful and fitting ode to the doughnut. Paired with light, blonde wood, glossy tiles, and light concrete the space feels bright and warm.

Warm walnut wood tones help balance out the space and add a bit of richness at the entry. The custom tables and bar help maximize the small square footage of the space and allow for a moment of respite. 

Image 3 © Broadsheet
All other images © Tom Blanchford via Foolcap Studio

The Whale Wins

Name: The Whale Wins
Location: Seattle, WA
Design/Arch: Heliotrope Architects

Most commercial and hospitality designers I've had the pleasure of talking with all mention the same thing; It's hard to design for yourself. As a designer, you typically find interest, beauty, and inspiration in multiple styles. This allows us to design spaces across the board for whatever our clients are looking for, or need, to make their space a success. This is a great skill to have as a designer but it usually means your own space is a bit of a mash up of styles and explorations. I myself am included in this generalization and am constantly on the look out for a style that might perfectly suit my family and current space. The Whale Wins is the closest I've found to anything I could call my own personal style. 

The space is the perfect balance of coastal charm, scandinavian lightness, and industrial warmth.  
An inviting trio in any book. 

Keeping the space bright and white allows for a space with a simplistic, feminine quality while the the stacked lumber, and exposed beams add a touch of warmth.

The simplistic light fixtures add a touch of humor and fun to the space creating the warm and welcoming atmosphere.