Local Favorite; Embeya

Name: Embeya
Location: Chicago, IL

One of the newest spots on Randolph Street is the highly regarded Embeya. Focusing on modern Asian cuisine with french technique, the interior corresponds well with the food presented.

Using large geometric screens and different seating groups divides up the rather large space making it more manageable to take in.
The center of the space is flanked with a large, upholstered banquette flanked by large wood community tables. 

Lighting within the space also plays homage to the sea inspired cuisine and contrasts the oak floors. The entry into the space features sea urchin inspired pendants while the community table near the rear features custom glass chandeliers with a very organic and sea like quality.

All photos © Embeya


Name: Pi
Location: St Louis, MO

Located in downtown St Louis, Pi brings warmth to a large space through the use of materials and space planning.

The use of reclaimed, rough wood throughout the space creates a united space while also adding warmth to an otherwise overly large footprint.

Utilizing ceiling drops and vertical breaks, they managed to break up the space into smaller more manageable portions that allow multiple group types.

I love how they tied the space into the agricultural roots of the area by the use of the barn wood and steel, giving a nod to local barns.

All photos © Architizer