Carter Bar & Kitchen

Name: Carter Bar & Kitchen
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Design: Nicemakers

Carter Bar & Kitchen, located in Amsterdam, is a warm and gilded reprieve from the everyday. Chestnut and chocolate browns, high gloss blacks, and shiny brass play off each other perfectly within the two story space.

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I love the simple shelving behind the bar and how it helps balance the scale of the two-story open space in the bar area. 

All three areas within the space have a distinctive feel but come together in a cohesive manor. All feel warm, rich, and layered which makes for a space you feel you could sit and stay for a while. 

All photos © 31 Pictures via Nicemakers

DIY Kitchen Crashers

At Kaper Design, 
We believe in the essence of the kitchen
We believe in the passion of the chef
We believe that a meal can be a celebration of, or escape from the everyday
We believe that gathering around a table unites and connects
We believe that the soul of any space is the kitchen, be it residential or commercial.

With this in mind, we'd like to announce that Kaper Design will be featured TONIGHT on the Season Premiere of DIY's Network show; Kitchen Crashers. 

(A little glimpse into the almost finished product. Read below for the inside scoop on our design.)

Here is a brief description of our client, our design, and what you can expect to see!

Our client was a Chicago family of four with two small children under the age of two

What they wanted:
They wanted a space that was better laid out with more storage. They also hoped to spend more time in the kitchen as a family.

The before:

Their kitchen was very small with little a growing family truly needs. Completely walled in, the space felt removed from the rest of the house and didn't allow the parents to spend much time in it.

Our Plan:
We wanted to make their kitchen a space they could enjoy for years. Our goals were;
- Open up the kitchen
- Provide more storage & counter space
- Provide needed amenities like a dishwasher and larger refrigerator
- Create an environment that could evolve with a growing family and their sure to be changing style.

Our Design: 
We opened up their kitchen by removing the wall separating the existing kitchen and dining spaces. We used materials that were durable, easily cleanable, and timeless and infused the space with neutral colors to add longevity to the space.
In the center of the space we added a large island to create a connection between the two spaces, add additional storage & work surfaces. In this island we included kick space drawers and refrigerator drawers which allow for the perfect 'snack spot' now and additional cold storage in the future. 

All photos © Kaper Design