Carter Bar & Kitchen

Name: Carter Bar & Kitchen
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Design: Nicemakers

Carter Bar & Kitchen, located in Amsterdam, is a warm and gilded reprieve from the everyday. Chestnut and chocolate browns, high gloss blacks, and shiny brass play off each other perfectly within the two story space.

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I love the simple shelving behind the bar and how it helps balance the scale of the two-story open space in the bar area. 

All three areas within the space have a distinctive feel but come together in a cohesive manor. All feel warm, rich, and layered which makes for a space you feel you could sit and stay for a while. 

All photos © 31 Pictures via Nicemakers

The Leadbelly

Name: The Leadbelly
Location: New York, NY

Located across from Fat Radish, The Leadbelly is a perfectly imperfect oyster bar.
We love the imperfectly plastered walls, great art, and kitschy feel to the space.

With vintage suitcases, vinyl, and games, the interior feels relaxed, well worn and inviting.

The large bar in the space adds a bit of polish which helps balance out the vintage goods and relaxed feel.

All photos © The Leadbelly