Auction Rooms Cafe

Name: Auction Rooms Cafe
Location: North Melbourne, Australia
Photography: Erika Hildegard Photography

It's always a good day when I get to click through recent images captured by Erika Hildegard. Auction Rooms Cafe is a specialty coffee roaster and cafe located in the former WB Ellis Auction House. With exposed brick, lofty ceilings, and wood supports the architecture sets a pretty great stage.

Given the original space, I find that the reclaimed and reused feel of  fixtures inside to be appropriate and welcoming. 

The vintage and reclaimed touches contrast well with the urban and industrial space while the use of architectural beams help divide the space. These allow the light filled space to remain airy and open. 

Sitka & Spruce

Name: Sitka & Spruce
Location: Seattle, WA
Design: Unkown

Located in Melrose Market, a vintage auto garage dating back to 1919 and 1928 respectively, Sitka & Spruce has quickly climbed to the top of my Seattle restaurant list. With an over the top open concept and location amongst exceptional vendors, it's easy to see why. 

The converted garage spaces feature cement columns, exposed brick, and beautiful industrial windows. With the dining and kitchen sharing a singular space, you easily feel as if you are eating in someone's kitchen. 

The industrial structure paired with classic paneling, industrial and vintage furnishings create a perfect mix of relaxed style. 

Photo 2© Seattle Mag
Photos 1, 3-5 © Kimberly Taylor Images

The Commune Social

Name: The Commune Social
Location:Neri&Hu Design and Research Office
Design: Shanghai, China

The Commune Social is a great example of a well balanced, rustic meets modern, space. With small, compartmentalized interior spaces, each area is minimal and well defined.

The rough wood and raw ceiling contrast the minimalist furnishings and clean-lined steel fixtures. 

I enjoy that while raw and industrial, each seating area still feels warm and inviting; a great balance.

All images © Archdaily

Umami Burger Arts

Name: Umami Burger Arts
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Design: Westin Mitchell

As a chain of restaurants, Umami Burger did a great job crafting an industrial and warm space utilizing exposed, raw brick and muted tones. 

The updated pendant fixtures using exposed bulbs are a great tack on the trend while allowing them to take on their own personality. While not adding much to the space, they were able to create a small bar and separate the open storage from the dining area by utilizing a custom reclaimed wood and metal structure. 

I love that the colors of the brick, warm leather, and oxidized copper are used throughout the space to create a cohesive and warm interior. 

All images © LA Eater

Black Jack

Name: Black Jack
Location: Washington, D.C.
Design: CoreDC

While in DC last week, I had the opportunity to visit Black Jack, located just above Pearl Dive Oyster Bar on 14th street. The attention to detail and reigned in circus theme created a great bar environment that felt fun, but not over the top.

With the front of the space dedicated to a sideshow, circus-esq concept, the back of the space personally stole the show. A full bocce court, old bleacher seating, and barstools created a fun and unique bar experience.

Keeping the color palate reigned in and using images of sideshow acts, helped keep the theme from being over the top while still allowing for key features of traditional circuses like red velvet curtains, draped string lights, and hand painted bar details. 

Images © CoreDC

Dock Kitchen

Name: Dock Kitchen
Location: London

With a beautiful location and proximity to Tom Dixon's shop, Dock Kitchen was set up for success from the beginning. With exposed brick walls, a spectacular view, and attention to detail the space strikes a beautiful balance of refined rustic.

The truly welcoming open kitchen gives off the feeling of being in a friends kitchen. Balanced with the quality of materials used in the dining room and clean lines and polished details of the dining room, the space feels upscale and memorable while also feeling comfortable and welcoming.

I love the simplicity of the space and enjoy that the truss's, ceiling, and walls were all left exposed, highlighting the original structure and history of the space.

Image 1-3 © The Selby
Image 4- © Weheart

Astro Coffee

Name: Astro Coffee
Location: Detroit, MI

As a Michigan native, I've always had a soft spot for Detroit. While the news might lead you to believe its a city losing hope, places like Astro Coffee and other Cork Town favorites are slowly but surely revitalizing the area.

Astro uses the classic subway tile, chalkboard, and industrial pendant combination to creaet a Brooklyn-worthy space in the heart of Detroit. I love the wood clad bar and changing typography that graces the huge chalkboard wall. The exposed brick and vintage industrial furniture all lend well to the welcoming neighborly feel the space overflows with.

Image 1 © Astro Coffee
Image 2 © Hour Detroit
Image 3 © Flickr
Image 4 © Shark & Minnow

Pillar of Salt

Name: Pillar of Salt
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Located in Richmond, Pillar of Salt serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a relaxed and creative space. We love that the large front windows open up allowing a direct connect with the outside and fill up the space with natural light.

Daily specials are written directly on the white subway tile pillars while open shelves, honey colored wood, and exposed brick add a relaxed yet warm feeling. 

Image 1-3 © Broadsheet
Image 4 © Tumblr