Name: Shortstop
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Design: Foolscap 

A good doughnut is always a good find. A good doughnut in a great space; can you ask for more?
Foolscap crafted a space for Shortstop Coffee & Doughnuts that is bright, light, and playfully speaks to the key offering.

We love the subtle pattern created from the tile installation and the beautifully displayed doughnuts within their glass case. Subtle, well-thought out details like these help elevate the simple interior.

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Throughout the space you will notice the circular shape present; a playful and fitting ode to the doughnut. Paired with light, blonde wood, glossy tiles, and light concrete the space feels bright and warm.

Warm walnut wood tones help balance out the space and add a bit of richness at the entry. The custom tables and bar help maximize the small square footage of the space and allow for a moment of respite. 

Image 3 © Broadsheet
All other images © Tom Blanchford via Foolcap Studio

Small and Cool: Doughnut Vault

Name: Doughnut Vault
Location: Chicago, IL

Located through a tiny blue doorway, on a side street near the merchandise mart, lies a doughnut shop that makes the most delectable, fluffy clouds of dough. The interior is tiny, no more than 4 people can fit inside at a time but that doesn't stop the line from forming an hour before they open. The interior is clad is original and exposed brick, tilted fixtures and mirrors, a beautifully ornate vintage cash register and stunning distressed blue woodwork.

 I don't typically show up on the blog, but this sign was far to awesome not to be included.

 This girl is seriously amazing, she is there all the time and handles the crazy line and non-caffinated chicagoans by herself and with a smile.

All photos © KaperDesign

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