Ranger Station

Name: Ranger Station
Location: Snowmass, CO
Design: Scout Regalia


As quickly as winter has appeared, so too have the thoughts of a snowy mountain getaway. New Belgium's Ranger Station, located near lifts at Snowmass Village, has the rustic yet contemporary vibe that is the perfect aesthetic for it's mountain local. 

Balancing a utilitarian and rustic interior creates a modern take on the traditional ski lodge. 

I love the simple but bright color palate and blonde wood; a true 180 to the ski lodges commonly found.
By not only designing the interior but also crafting some of the furniture within, the designers were able to create a fully cohesive space. 

All images © Scout Regalia

Clive Burger

Name: Clive Burger
Location: Calgary, Canada
Design: Unknown

Clive Burger is a wonderful example of a fast casual space with a modern and fun interior. Utilizing cartoon-esq graphics paired with a restrained material and color palate, allows the space to feel whimsy while establishing a clean and modern space. 

The use of custom furnishings allowed the seating and space to be maximized while keeping a harmonious overall feel.

Images © Scout Flickr


Name: Noodlebox
Location: Shelbourne Victoria, BC
Design: Evoke

For a large chain, Noodlebox has done a great job re-imagining their brand. Using a limited color palate, custom fixtures, and a heavy hand of wood, the space is a balance of rustic and modern.

Whether their intention or not, keeping the material and color palate limited allows them to replicate the design easily no matter the location or space size. 
I love that they exposed the ceilings and created harmony throughout by carrying through wood as the main material. The contrast of concrete and steel adds a modern touch and keeps the space hip and on trend. 

All photos © Evoke

State Bird Provisions

Name: State Bird Provisions
Location: San Francisco

State Bird Provisions, located in the Western Addition neighborhood of San Francisco, has quickly climbed to the top of restaurant lists due to its innovative menu and serving technique. 

The space is sparsely simple with an emphasis and focus put into the key components of the space. The bar features six, center of the action spots while one wall features a peg board with changing art. The opposite concrete wall has been left exposed spare a few pieces of art. 
One of the greatest design elements of the space is easily their rolling bar carts. All food is served dim-sum style and brought out on these carts, to your table, with prices for each plate. This change in service style is the driving force behind the design intention, large isles and less obstructions for servers are crucial for easily serving food and allowing guest to focus their attention on the food being brought around. 

Photo 1 & 2 © State Bird Provisions
Image 3, 5 © SF Eater
Image 4 © Bon Appetit

Barista Parlor

Name: Barista Parlor
Location: Nashville, TN

The brew station at Barista Parlor, with owner Andy Mumma in the back.

I seem to have a sweet spot for well crafted cafes. 
Maybe it was the years spent behind an espresso machine that gave me my appreciation for the perfectly executed cup. It goes without saying then, that a well-crafted space that encourages this beautiful art form, will always be able to grab my attention.

Barista Parlor is located in Nashville, TN and successfully crafted a space for locals but staying true to their roots. Using only Nashville made products and materials sourced from the area, the details shine.
The custom crafted tables, chairs, stools, lights and shelves all come from local artisans right in the area and add a warmth to the large space. 

The antiques and found object located throughout the space have a curated feel and bring in the Nashville flair while the large pixelated ship artwork enhances the colors of the wood.

Image 1 © TMagazine
Image 2- 5 © Zarna's Runway

Parts & Labour

Name: Parts & Labour
Location: Toronto
Design: Castor Design

Located in an old hardware store, Parts & Labor serves to be an alternative to the typical watering hole offering in Toronto. harvesting ingredients from their rooftop garden and offering art installations and music in the basement, the space is part hipster, part punk-rock.

The powder-coated steel & leather spring stools line the bar while custom pendant fixtures and community tables flank the wall. 

Dinners get a view into the kitchen through the glass partition.

The entry of the space features custom limestone stools and a steel host stand.

All photos © Remodelista