Al Tun Tún

Name: Al Tun Tún
Location: Valencia, Spain
Design: Sandra Tarruella

A controlled material palate and great amount of natural light help make Al Tun Tún a warm, beckoning space. 

The beautiful open kitchen puts the cooking at center stage. Simple lines and a beautiful lighting installation add just enough to support the theater and help with the overall scale of the two story space.

All images © We Heart

Hotel Fontevraud

Name: Hotel Fontevraud
Location: Loire Valley
Design: Patrick Jouin

To say that Hotel Fontevraud has a rich history would be an understatement. Constructed between 1101 and 1119 as an Fontevraud Abbey, hosting both Monks and Nuns. The order was dissolved during the French Revolution(1792) and was habituated again in 1804 as a prison. Serving as a prison for 159 years, the Abbey was handed over in 1963 and restoration work began to return it to it's former self. The current vision for Hotel Fontevraud is a 'Cité Idéal' or the intersection of intellect and culture by providing hospitality for guests.  

With this new chapter comes a new restaurant that celebrates its past while firmly establishing it's future. 

What makes this new revitalization a success, in my opinion, is the juxtaposition of old and new. The contemporary furnishings compliment the architectural beauty surrounding you while also allowing you to remain firmly planted our digital and quickly evolving age. Nothing feels permanent and yet doesn't feel light enough to be unintentional. 

All photos © knstrct

Ranger Station

Name: Ranger Station
Location: Snowmass, CO
Design: Scout Regalia


As quickly as winter has appeared, so too have the thoughts of a snowy mountain getaway. New Belgium's Ranger Station, located near lifts at Snowmass Village, has the rustic yet contemporary vibe that is the perfect aesthetic for it's mountain local. 

Balancing a utilitarian and rustic interior creates a modern take on the traditional ski lodge. 

I love the simple but bright color palate and blonde wood; a true 180 to the ski lodges commonly found.
By not only designing the interior but also crafting some of the furniture within, the designers were able to create a fully cohesive space. 

All images © Scout Regalia

Cafe Plenty

Name: Cafe Plenty
Location: Toronto, ON

Cafe Plenty uses a neutral color palate, natural materials, and graphic design to create a memorable and fresh cafe interior. 

While limited in color, there are no shortage of rich details and textures that add warmth and depth to the interior. 

Layering beveled edge tile, breadboard, rustic wood, and metal creates a welcoming environment that remains fresh, open, and bright. 

Utilizing creative graphic design and signage, the windows keep views into the space open while clearly telling those passing what lies behind the glass. 

Utilizing natural materials highlights the natural food and beverage offerings while custom bar height counters keeps the narrow space open and traffic flowing through. 

All photos © A.R.E Design Awards

King + Duke

Name: King + Duke
Location: Atlanta, GA
Design: Meyer Davis Studio

Recently opened in Atlanta, King + Duke is the the fourth restaurant in Ford Fry's restaurant family. Playing off of the novel 'Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' the restaurant is deceptively casual and relaxed and features early American cooking techniques and rustic cuisine. 

Throughout the space a mix of rustic and refined materials work together to create a curated and timeworn interior. 

The large circular booths and light wood add contemporary elements while the leather accents and wood paneled walls bring in a rustic element to balance it out. 

Photos © Sarah Dodge via Eater ATL