Name: Picnic
Location: Paris (Concept; Not Built)
Design: Studio Ko

Picnic, a concept restaurant created in Paris showcases how minimalist design, paired with bold pattern, can create a vibrant and fun experience. 

Using worn wood and unadorned walls allows the patterns to be the star. By keeping the patterns all geometric in nature, ties the multiple elements together create a bit of harmony within the space.

All images © Studio Ko

Elbow Room

Name: Elbow Room
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Graphic Design: mgmt. design
Interior: Greg Yang Design

I love it when the graphic design, identity, and interior all come together to form a cohesive space and presentation. The Elbow Room restaurants are a great example of this cohesive and thought through design. 

Using simple materials, the very trendy pixilated graphics, and typography that ties back to the noodles being served, the entire space comes together to create a minimalist but warm space. 

Once again, using a restricted color palate; this time yellow, black, and white, creates instant cohesion while tying into the iconic cheesy color so many of us recognize and love. 

All images © Behance

Moustache Milk + Cookie Bar

Name: Moustache Milk + Cookie Bar
Location: Auckland, NZ

 While literal, the milk bottle light fixture sums up and drives home the concept. Keeping all of the interior fittings and furnishings very modular helps create untidy within the small space while still allowing a small amount of seating.

A fun break from the normal, Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar has created a playful interior filled with colorful notes.

Images © Architecturenow

A Concept Divided; Origo

Name: Origo
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Design: Lama Architectura

A trend I've been watching for a while now is duel-concepts under a single roof. If done well, they can offer the owner maximum ROI, attract a larger demographic, and merge interests. Origo, in Romania has done just this by splitting their space and concept by time; coffee shop in the morning, cocktail bar at night. 

Keeping the space minimal allows for both concepts to operate within the space space, utilizing the same fixtures and furnishings. A heavy handed use of wood and raw metal are contrasted by cups and saucers artfully displayed from the ceiling. Once again proving the benefit of repetition with a everyday object.  By keeping all art limited to the cup/saucer installation, it allows the space to remain focused and draws the users eye up to the original beam ceiling uncovered during construction.

Maximizing seating using bar height and banquette styles also keeps the space open and draws the eye through the space, downplaying its lack of width and focusing on its exaggerated length.

All photos © We Heart

Fish Shack

Name: Fish Shack
Location: Vancouver, BC

Fish Shack is a great example of common materials used in unexpected and uncommon way to create something completely unique.

Using traditional materials associated with the fishing industry; ropes, wood crates and palates and industrial, galvanized fixtures plays homage to the overall concept.

Keeping the color palate simple allows the focus to remain on the palate installations and large chalkboard menu.

Image 2-5 © Food Vancouver

The Optimist

Name: The Optimist
Location: Atlanta, GA
The Optimist is bringing quality and fresh seafood seafood to landlocked Atlantans with their space continuing their story.

Working with the original, industrial structure, The Optimist manages to transport diners into a seaside destination through nautical touches, rustic wood, and blue & white color scheme.

What i enjoy most about the space is their thorough execution of a concept without going overboard or too picky. The same remains relaxed, casual and rustic and pays homage to it's nautical menu.

All photos © The Optimist


Name: Dishoom
Location: London
Design: AfroditiKrassa

Dishoom was designed to revitalize and pay tribute to the traditional cafes of Bombay. Concentrating on telling the story of these cafes, as well as keeping true to the architectural and design tradition, the space reflects old traditions and values while remaining firmly planted in the now.

A modern, monochromatic color palate and bold geometric shapes help bridge the gap between the history represented by Dishoom and the modern London where is currently resides. 

Family portraits hung on the walls were standard in Bombay cafe's and the tradition has been carried through to the new space. 

Mismatched chairs with marble-topped bistro tables give a casual feel to the otherwise modern and geometric space. 

Photos 1-3 © Sim Canetty via Dishoom
Photos 4-7 © Yatzer

Craftsman & Wolves

Name: Craftsman & Wolves
Location: San Francisco, CA

Craftsman & Wolves is a speciality bakery located in San Francisco. What I love about this concept is simply how much they managed to elevate the experience of a typical bakery. Clean lines, simple materials, and a bit of rustic/ industrialall contrast the jewel-like qualities of the pastry displays.

The horizontal, varying height tiles help keep your eye moving in the linear space while the library ladder system allows the menu to change as needed throughout the day. 

The minimalist seating area, outfitted with exposed brick, white walls, and filled with natural light  allow the pastries to shine.

All photos © Aubrie Pick

Stefano's Fine Food

Name: Stefano's Fine Food Factory (Store)
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Design: Vladimir Nepiyvoda, Dmitry Bonesko

Located in the Ukraine, Stefano's Fine Food Factory elevates the grocer experience. 

With a rich warm color palate, ornate details in the architecture, and great fixtures, this food store creates a unique and inviting retail food experience. 

The details of the wood slat ceiling and iron posts contrasted with the modern, modular wall fixtures and graphic walls truly make this space stand out. 

All photos © Behance

Catalina Fernández

Name: Catalina Fernández
Location: San Pedro, Mexico

There is something so compelling about a simple, well though out concept. Branding and design truly go hand-in-hand and Catalina Fernandez Pastry boutique is a great example of this.

With a bold, yet simple color story and modern details, the entire space carries an urban and modern aesthetic. 

The repetition of items, in this case painted white, is a strong visual and adds to the overall texture of the space.

By keeping the interior simple and clean, it allows their brand and pastries to be on center stage. 

All photos © Yatzer