Elbow Room

Name: Elbow Room
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Graphic Design: mgmt. design
Interior: Greg Yang Design

I love it when the graphic design, identity, and interior all come together to form a cohesive space and presentation. The Elbow Room restaurants are a great example of this cohesive and thought through design. 

Using simple materials, the very trendy pixilated graphics, and typography that ties back to the noodles being served, the entire space comes together to create a minimalist but warm space. 

Once again, using a restricted color palate; this time yellow, black, and white, creates instant cohesion while tying into the iconic cheesy color so many of us recognize and love. 

All images © Behance

Clarks Oyster Bar

Name: Clark's Oyster Bar
Location: Austin, TX
Design: McGuire Moorman

Bright, preppy, and nautical are all thoughts that come to mind when stepping inside Clark's Oyster Bar in Austin, Texas. Being the little brother to Perla's, both spaces are clearly connected but both maintain their own identity and personality. 

The navy, yellow, and mint color scheme are broth through to every detail creating a cohesive and fun atmosphere. The nautical details used on the menus, table ware, and interior materials all transport you to a seaside, East coast local. 

 Image 4© Statesman
Images 2, 3, 5 © Remodelista

Top Hops

Name: Top Hops
Location: NYC, NY
Design: Helm Workshop- Identity

Top Hops is a craft beer goldmine in the heart of NYC. With great identity and branding, along with a functional and well laid out interior, the concept is cohesive and fun.

Brand Identity
I love the structured yet informal nature of the chalkboard menu and enjoy that it provides a great backdrop to the tasting bar and retail. 

Brand Identity
Image 1 © Edible Manhattan
Image 2© lucyeatsveggies
Image 3- 4 ©Helm Workshop


Name: Mexout
Location: Singapore
Graphic Design: Bravo Company

Mexout goes against the grain to create an urban interior paired perfectly with a purposefully imperfect branding scheme. 

Creating an industrial and urban space, Mexout is casual while still remaining tailored and thoughtful. The team behind the graphics created 20 different logos that all work in conjunction, or separately, which continue the urban and young feel of the interior and concept.

Keeping the color and material palate limited and selective, balances the multiple logos and branding efforts taking place. The interior does a great job crafting a space that feels hip and laid back, but also tailored and thought through.

Our Work; The Salsa Truck

Local Chicagoans and food truck fanatics alike have probably already heard the great news. Chicago has officially given out its very first mobile food preparers license which allows chicago food trucks to now cook on-board. This historic moment for the restaurant and dining scene was added to by the fact that we had the pleasure of working with owner, Dan Salls on the first first food truck to ever cook on board, The Salsa Truck.

Kaper Design was responsible for the branding, logo, truck design, packaging, and all other printed goods. Here are a few images of our work;

Three Boars Eatery

Name: Three Boars Eatery
Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

I love the simplicity behind Three Boars Eatery, located in Edmonton, Canada. From the wood-clad walls to the industrial stools and exposed pendants, the space feels warm, welcoming, and approachable.

Details like the built-in bar shelves, exposed ends, built-in bench, and chalkboard with drawn boar all make the space have a handmade feel. This handcrafted nature allows the guest to feel welcome and comfortable within the space.

All photos © Zachary Ayotte via Kinfolk

Pan Pan Atelier

Name: Pan Pan Atelier
Location: Valencia, Spain

Pan Pan Atelier was designed based around a 'modern interpretation of the traditional ear of wheat'. Everything from the colors to the herringbone texture & pattern all directly tie back to that original idea. I enjoy that Pan Pan took this concept and idea and translated it not only into their branding and identity but into their cafe space as well. 

Carrying on the golden and white hues and the pattern throughout the space unifies the concept and
carries the message throughout the guests full experience.

All photos © Behance

Catalina Fernández

Name: Catalina Fernández
Location: San Pedro, Mexico

There is something so compelling about a simple, well though out concept. Branding and design truly go hand-in-hand and Catalina Fernandez Pastry boutique is a great example of this.

With a bold, yet simple color story and modern details, the entire space carries an urban and modern aesthetic. 

The repetition of items, in this case painted white, is a strong visual and adds to the overall texture of the space.

By keeping the interior simple and clean, it allows their brand and pastries to be on center stage. 

All photos © Yatzer