Dock Kitchen

Name: Dock Kitchen
Location: London

With a beautiful location and proximity to Tom Dixon's shop, Dock Kitchen was set up for success from the beginning. With exposed brick walls, a spectacular view, and attention to detail the space strikes a beautiful balance of refined rustic.

The truly welcoming open kitchen gives off the feeling of being in a friends kitchen. Balanced with the quality of materials used in the dining room and clean lines and polished details of the dining room, the space feels upscale and memorable while also feeling comfortable and welcoming.

I love the simplicity of the space and enjoy that the truss's, ceiling, and walls were all left exposed, highlighting the original structure and history of the space.

Image 1-3 © The Selby
Image 4- © Weheart

Firefly Grill

Name: Firefly Grill
Location: Effingham, IL

Styled after the traditional midwest barn, the Firefly Grill features a reclaimed wood facade with metal roof. Considered a modern roadhouse, Firefly has been creating local and organic food long before it was ever popular. The interior is outfitted with simple wood and metal furnishings and large vaulted ceilings in the main dining space. The space also features large walls of windows connecting the indoors and outdoors and has outdoor patio seating located on the dock to the lake. The homage payed to the traditional midwest barn is what truly excites me about the Firefly. With such a beautiful setting and wonderfully updated barn vernacular, how can you not enjoy your visit.

Photo 1-2 © Trip Advisor
Photos 3-5 © World Architects