Name: Shortstop
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Design: Foolscap 

A good doughnut is always a good find. A good doughnut in a great space; can you ask for more?
Foolscap crafted a space for Shortstop Coffee & Doughnuts that is bright, light, and playfully speaks to the key offering.

We love the subtle pattern created from the tile installation and the beautifully displayed doughnuts within their glass case. Subtle, well-thought out details like these help elevate the simple interior.

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Throughout the space you will notice the circular shape present; a playful and fitting ode to the doughnut. Paired with light, blonde wood, glossy tiles, and light concrete the space feels bright and warm.

Warm walnut wood tones help balance out the space and add a bit of richness at the entry. The custom tables and bar help maximize the small square footage of the space and allow for a moment of respite. 

Image 3 © Broadsheet
All other images © Tom Blanchford via Foolcap Studio

Our Work; Dryhop Brewers

Name: Dryhop Brewers
Location; Chicago, IL
Designer: Kaper Design, LLC
Scope of Work: Schematic Design, Design Development, Feasibility studies, Contract Administration,  FF&E Sourcing

Kaper Design, LLC is proud to announce the opening of Dryhop Brewers. A warm and comfortable space, our design showcases the craft of creating. With an initial concept given by the owner of 'My father's workshop on a good day.', Kaper Design created a space that played homage to the craftsmen and their crafts. Highlighting the woodworking and beer making crafts simultaneously was an exciting challenge and allowed us to get creative with materials and applications. 

The 50 foot long bar was designed by local carpenter Kevin Hughes and was based off our drawings depicting a stack of lumber. On top of the bar lies a live-edged slab sourced from a single, lightening-struck tree which was urban forested from just miles outside of Chicago. 

The tables were crafted specifically for Dryhop and feature white oak butcher block tops and cold-welded steel bases designed by us to be simplistic and unobtrusive. While our bar height tables feature steel bases showcasing a modern interpretation of a saw horse. 

Dryhop Brewers space consists of multiple spaces designed to showcase the brewing process. With custom steel and glass partition walls and black subway tile, both the brewhouse and fermentation room showcase the equipment within and highlight the process behind their great beer.

Both mens and women's restrooms continue to highlight craftsmen and their craft. Creating a custom wall mural using historic and technical images of the brewing process, history of brewing, and woodworking allowed us to tie these rooms into the overall feel of the brewery and make the diners experience a complete visit. Bathrooms are rounded out with industrial light fixtures, wood framed mirrors and penny tile floors.

Stop by for a beer and some delicious food the next time you are in Chicago!

Kook Restaurant & Pizzeria

Name: Kook Restaurant & pizzeria
Location: Rome
Design: Noses Architects

Upon first look at Kook, you'd have a difficult time determining if the space was a restaurant or just a great home.

Using concrete, steel and glass as the main design materials the space has an urban, industrial feel which is surprising for the classic space it is housed in. 

Using wood and reclaimed pieces, the added warmth into the space and balanced the raw materials.

One of my favorite features in the space is their use of traditional concrete tiles as both backslashes and flooring to break up the space, add warmth and pattern and add a small splash of color.

All images © Fresh Home


Name: Montaditos
Location: San Lucas
Design: Plasma Design

Montaditos, located in San Lucas, has created a spot that bridges local tradition and culture with  color and warmth.

While the entrance  plays with traditional materials like brick and wood, the interior of the space adds a bit more color, pattern and texture into the mix. Ultimately giving this space a layered feel the continues to reveal itself as your visit goes on.

I love the details thrown around the space, all of which add a bit of warmth and excitement to the space all the while continuing to tell the story. 

The artwork, industrial pendants and sconces, and salvaged accessories all come together to create an inviting and approachable space that feels as if it was created over the years, rather than all at once.

All images © Behance

Craftsman & Wolves

Name: Craftsman & Wolves
Location: San Francisco, CA

Craftsman & Wolves is a speciality bakery located in San Francisco. What I love about this concept is simply how much they managed to elevate the experience of a typical bakery. Clean lines, simple materials, and a bit of rustic/ industrialall contrast the jewel-like qualities of the pastry displays.

The horizontal, varying height tiles help keep your eye moving in the linear space while the library ladder system allows the menu to change as needed throughout the day. 

The minimalist seating area, outfitted with exposed brick, white walls, and filled with natural light  allow the pastries to shine.

All photos © Aubrie Pick

Girl & the Goat

Name: Girl & the Goat
Location: Chicago, IL
Designer: Karen Herold- 555

I have been saving this post for quite a while. This is mostly because it was a great local location, run by Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard and I knew I couldn't do the space justice without visiting first. I finally got that chance a couple weeks back when I decided to buckle down and get my bum over there for my wedding anniversary!

The space did not disappoint.

It took me a while to even look at the menu (which was beyond excellent, again no surprise there!) I was so engrossed in the details surrounding me. We were sat in an intimate booth next to the surprisingly beautiful, burnt wood partition wall in the center of the space. With a great view of both the bar and the kitchen, it was easy to see why Girl & the Goat was so successful. The attention to detail and division of space are what brought the design home for me. There were many zones for seating which allowed diners to enjoy a relaxed and intimate meal despite how large the space actually is. Detail such as the metal grates on the bar and the intricate inlayed tile under the community table also brought warmth and character into the space.

Here are a few of my favorite moments:

Overall, the space felt layered, warm and inviting. The use of natural colors, wood tones and texture really brought the space to life and enhanced the beautiful open kitchen where Stephanie worked her magic.

Photo 1 © Metromix
Photos 2-4 © Anthony Tahlier via
Photo 5 © Anna Wolfson

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