Nomad Coffee

Name: Nomad Coffee
Location: Barcelona
Design: Unknown

There is something great about the simplicity and unfussy nature of Nomad Coffee. Located in Barcelona, Nomad started out as a small cart and has since transitioned to a brick and mortar space, their name speaking to their roots. 

The unimposing and warm facade welcomes you into a communal space with a utilitarian aesthetic that emphasizes the craft and connection.

Image 1, 2 © Fuet Magazine
Image 3 © The Soup Spoon


Name: Mat Bar
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Located in Barcelona, Matbar is a great space that showcases a theme done well.
Using the concept of games, they have created an interior that is rich with details and nods to various classic games.

The paneling on the wall is detailed, provides a great amount of texture and by keeping the color of the wall and panel the same, doesn't distract from the various props placed along it. 

Using custom painted jump ropes, ping pong paddles, hockey sticks, and tennis balls adds a nod back to the overall theme or concept of the space while keeping the interior whimsy and fun.

Image 1 © Miniguide
Image 2-6 © Petite Passport

Pan Pan Atelier

Name: Pan Pan Atelier
Location: Valencia, Spain

Pan Pan Atelier was designed based around a 'modern interpretation of the traditional ear of wheat'. Everything from the colors to the herringbone texture & pattern all directly tie back to that original idea. I enjoy that Pan Pan took this concept and idea and translated it not only into their branding and identity but into their cafe space as well. 

Carrying on the golden and white hues and the pattern throughout the space unifies the concept and
carries the message throughout the guests full experience.

All photos © Behance