Rozzi's Italian Canteen

name: Rozzi's Italian Canteen
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Design: mim

Rozzi's is an italian eatery with a focus on fresh, modern cuisine. The interior of the space reflects the menu and features a modern, and vibrant interior. 

Utilizing a limited color and material palate allows the space to come together easily while the added typography and wording adds an additional creative element.
I love the use of concrete tiles to tie the yellow and grey through the space while the addition of bookcases adds a homey element emphasizing the desire for diners to feel at ease within the space. 

The use of subway tiles and wood all keeps the space on trend and hip but I love that they added a few new elements to make the space truly unique and fresh.

All images via mim design & yellowtrace


Name: Pi
Location: St Louis, MO

Located in downtown St Louis, Pi brings warmth to a large space through the use of materials and space planning.

The use of reclaimed, rough wood throughout the space creates a united space while also adding warmth to an otherwise overly large footprint.

Utilizing ceiling drops and vertical breaks, they managed to break up the space into smaller more manageable portions that allow multiple group types.

I love how they tied the space into the agricultural roots of the area by the use of the barn wood and steel, giving a nod to local barns.

All photos © Architizer

Pizza East

Name: Pizza East
Location: London ( & soon, Chicago!)

One of my most anticipated openings for Chicago is Pizza East, even though it isn't scheduled to open until Spring 2014. Already a staple for progressive pizza in London, the Chicago location will be tucked away off of Randolph Street (located inside the upcoming SoHo House). Using the location as the inspiration, the interior takes on an industrial-rustic feel. In addition to the actual dining space, Pizza East Shoreditch, also houses a deli, allowing you to take the seasonal and specialty ingredients home with you. Chicago's Randolph Street also has an industrial past and I can hardly wait to see a few similar elements and materials in their first US Pizza East space.

Pizza East

All images © Pizza East

A local favorite: Piece Brewery & Pizzeria

Image ©

Name: Piece Brewery & Pizzeria
Location: Chicago, IL (Wicker Park)

This weekend I headed down to Wicker Park to visit Piece Brewery in celebration of a family birthday! While I wouldn't necessarily go there for the design or decor, the food and beer were off the charts. We started off with a few order of chips and homemade salsa which were simple and flavorful. The true show stopper, however, was the beer and pizza (rightfully so, considering the name of the place.) The pizza has a bubbly, thin crust with a perfect mix of soft, chewy, light and crispy. The topping all tasted extremely fresh and their flavors were not masked by too much cheese or too much sauce. Since the stout was not available that night (which I had my heart set on) I decided to go with the Dark-n-curvy Dunkekweizen which was a German-style wheat beer with an amber hue and medium body. It was delicious! Our table also tried a few pitchers of the Full Frontal pale ale which was light and extremely refreshing.

All in all the meal was a success and the perfect place to enjoy a saturday night! I will definitely be back and might even try out the $25.oo pizza & growler deal one of these night.

Image © nerd city