J.G. Domestic

Name: J.G. Domestic
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Design: Unknown

J.G. Domestic, another space from well known chef and restauranteur Jose Garces, is the definition of modern farmhouse. Rustic timber sits alongside lush foliage and modern lines to create an updated take on tradition. 

Plaid fabric covers, reclaimed wood, and steel all work together giving the traditional farmhouse/rustic feeling. 

While the openness, clean lines, and simplicity all add the touch of modern that takes the concept toward trendy and now. 

Photos © J.G. Domestic & Ahra Lee

Oyster House

Name: Oyster House
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Oyster House, located in Philadelphia, is a great example of a small space that doesn't sacrifice on style.
Blending nautical, traditional, and industrial design components they have created a balanced and inviting local spot.

I love that the oyster bar is on full display and allows for enough room to properly display the beautiful catch, and craft of preparation.

The classic white subway tile creates a texture to the walls that contrasts the rich table and Thonet-style barstools.

The industrial pendants and light fixtures are balanced by the intricate moldings and traditional furnishings.

All photos © Oyster House

The Dandelion Pub

Name: The Dandelion Pub
Location: Philadelphia

Designed as a take on the London gastropub, I certainly hadn't expected for the The Dandelion Pub to be located in philadelphia! A bit quirky and layered with warmth and texture, the interior looks as if it's been in Philadelphia for centuries. I love the tufted banquettes and moulding and while I'm not typically a few of tchotchkes, the deign of this space fits the desired direction and vision. It looks well thought through and every element seems to make sense within the parameters of the concept.

10 Arts Bistro & Lounge

Name: 10 Arts Bistro & Lounge
Location: Philadelphia, PA.
What I Love: The fact that I was able to work on this project as an intern helps a bit but I also love how seamlessly the modern design works with its historic home. Add the bright colors and great food by Eric Ripert (and head chef Jennifer Carroll) and you have a sure-fire win in my book.

All photos via 10arts.com