A Look Back: Top Posts from 2013

Here is a look back on some of our top posts from 2013!

Thank you to all of our readers for making this year such a great year. We can't wait to share even more great restaurant design in 2014.

Clockwise from top left;

The Whale Wins, Seattle
Hardware Society, Melbourne
Mikkeller Bar, San Francisco
Wee Jeanie, Melbourne
Dryhop Brewers, Chicago
Chez Dré, Melbourne

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Our Work: Foursided

Name: Foursided
Location: Chicago, IL
Design: Kaper Design, LLC
Photography: Kyle McKenna

Kaper Design is excited to share our latest work in Chicago! Located in the heart of East Lakeview (Just a few blocks down from Dryhop, too.), Foursided is a neighborhood staple for those looking to get the best framing or unique gift. Being the original location, it came time for a facelift and we were happy to jump on board. Follow the jump below for a look at their new space.

In order to bridge functionality with aesthetic, we created zones and divided the space into a private back workroom and public front of space retail section. Dividing the two areas allows works to spread out and get creative while creating a determined area for customers to meander. Custom steel and metal shelving units were fabricated to add vertical storage. These pieces add warmth while remaining light, allowing your eye to focus on the good placed on them. 

On of my favorite components of the space is the large, sliding panels which now display the extensive frame sample collection. Utilizing a custom designed steel track system (Similar to a school house blackboard), allows us to minimize the amount of square footage needed to display the frames while still keeping them easily accessible for employees and guests.

Custom designed and built shelving in the center of the space adds display and retail space while also keeping customer traffic flowing through the space. The counters were custom designed and fabricated by Fourth lake Carpentry Inc. and grant us lots of extra storage space for frame samples and prints. 

The front of the store received a brand new facade, tile entry way, and raised displays. Paired with the removal of the awnings the space is now clearly visible to all passing by.

Our Work; Dryhop Brewers

Name: Dryhop Brewers
Location; Chicago, IL
Designer: Kaper Design, LLC
Scope of Work: Schematic Design, Design Development, Feasibility studies, Contract Administration,  FF&E Sourcing

Kaper Design, LLC is proud to announce the opening of Dryhop Brewers. A warm and comfortable space, our design showcases the craft of creating. With an initial concept given by the owner of 'My father's workshop on a good day.', Kaper Design created a space that played homage to the craftsmen and their crafts. Highlighting the woodworking and beer making crafts simultaneously was an exciting challenge and allowed us to get creative with materials and applications. 

The 50 foot long bar was designed by local carpenter Kevin Hughes and was based off our drawings depicting a stack of lumber. On top of the bar lies a live-edged slab sourced from a single, lightening-struck tree which was urban forested from just miles outside of Chicago. 

The tables were crafted specifically for Dryhop and feature white oak butcher block tops and cold-welded steel bases designed by us to be simplistic and unobtrusive. While our bar height tables feature steel bases showcasing a modern interpretation of a saw horse. 

Dryhop Brewers space consists of multiple spaces designed to showcase the brewing process. With custom steel and glass partition walls and black subway tile, both the brewhouse and fermentation room showcase the equipment within and highlight the process behind their great beer.

Both mens and women's restrooms continue to highlight craftsmen and their craft. Creating a custom wall mural using historic and technical images of the brewing process, history of brewing, and woodworking allowed us to tie these rooms into the overall feel of the brewery and make the diners experience a complete visit. Bathrooms are rounded out with industrial light fixtures, wood framed mirrors and penny tile floors.

Stop by for a beer and some delicious food the next time you are in Chicago!

Our Work; The Salsa Truck

Local Chicagoans and food truck fanatics alike have probably already heard the great news. Chicago has officially given out its very first mobile food preparers license which allows chicago food trucks to now cook on-board. This historic moment for the restaurant and dining scene was added to by the fact that we had the pleasure of working with owner, Dan Salls on the first first food truck to ever cook on board, The Salsa Truck.

Kaper Design was responsible for the branding, logo, truck design, packaging, and all other printed goods. Here are a few images of our work;

A Look Back; Our Work

It's been a busy year for us and couldn't be more excited about the projects we've gotten to work on and the clients we've gotten to work with. Here is a quick look back at what kept us busy during 2012.

Name: The Salsa Truck
Status: In progress
Location: Chicago, IL

Name: The Garage
Status: In Progress
Location: Chicago, IL

Name: Dryhop Brewers 
Status: In Progress
Location: Chicago, IL

Name: Shady's Burgers & Brewhaha
Status: In Progress
Location: Dallas, TX
Name: Cogdal Vineyards
Status: Design Completed
Location: South Haven, MI

Name: The Savoy (Previously named, The Odyssey)
Status: Completed
Location: Chicago, IL

Name: Bang Bang Pie Shop
Status: Completed
Location: Chicago, IL

Status: Completed & Aired
Location: Chicago, IL

A huge thank-you goes out to all of our amazing clients and fans for making 2012 such a great year. With The Garage, The Salsa Truck, Dryhop, and Shady's all opening in 2013, we can't wait for all that 2013 has in store. 

Our Work; The Savoy (Odyssey)

Name: The Savoy
Location: Chicago, IL

A project we had the pleasure of working on this past spring recently opened it's doors in the Wicker Park neighborhood, right here in Chicago. For this project, we were involved in the schematic & design development phases and helped the client layout the space, design the initial concept, as well as specify the initial FF&E items for within the space. 

The concept behind the space began with the original name for the space; Odyssey. Taking Homer's Epic and applying it to the space allowed us to play with a dark nautical concept. Using this as our starting base, we refined our concept down into natural and classic materials (woods, ropes, subway tile, mirrors) with warm earth tones for colors. To keep the space from going too nautical in feeling, we specified & envisioned industrial lighting, worn antiques and warm brass shelving mixed with pieces already owned. The space was ultimately renamed before opening but the initial concept remained.

The shotgun space was fragmented into multiple seating areas which were reworked in order to accommodate a raw bar, main dining space, bar seating, and a private room. The design throughout the space was created to darken as you continue through the space. The entry and raw bar were designed to be light & airy while the private room, the farthest room in the space, was designed to be dark, moody, & intimate. The dining and bar space in-between tie the spaces together and create a seamless transition for the guest. 

Conceptual FF&E specifications and ideas for The Savoy (Odyssey)
Below are interior and exterior 3D views that were created to show the progression throughout the space. They also show multiple ideas that we worked with while refining the layout and seating options. 

Below are some finished shots of the now open space. While some ideas evolved slightly, the overall concept, idea, and FF&E selections were carried through. 

Photos 2-7 © Kaper Design
Photos 1, 8-9 © Eater Chicago