Death & Taxes

Name: Death & Taxes
Location: Reno, NV
Design: Unknown

Death & Taxes is a craft cocktail bar, located in a converted bungalow, and was one of our favorite stops during a whirlwind trip to Reno this past weekend. 

With an almost all black interior, attention was paid to the subtle details. These details; high gloss trim against matte walls, subtle pattern, and hidden storage are what make this space a cohesive space and a great experience. One of my favorite details within the space was the hidden passages to the back of house. These are hidden within the bookcase and are located behind the far bay of shelving on either end of the bar. Hidden hardware and the level of finish detail makes them invisible to the naked eye. 

All images © Death & Taxes Facebook, Kaper Design, LLC

Pressed Juices

Name: Pressed Juices
Location: South Yarra, Melbourne VIC
Design: Unknown

As the juice trend continues to expand throughout the world, I love seeing these shops & cafes step up their interior. Creating an environment that matches the product being sold is critical in the food industry today and Pressed Juices created a space fitting with their brand. 

The minimal color and material palate creates a calming and cohesive space. This use of simplicity allows the vibrant colors of their product to be front and center. 

The creative use of materials provides a large visual impact, adds extra storage and display space, and drives home the hand crafted and organic feel of their company. 

Photos © Booke Holm for Share Design

Clarke's Bar & Dining Room

Name: Clarke's Bar & Dining Room
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Clarke's is on of those places that I wish was located in the US. The minimalist exterior, simple and clear signage, use of natural materials and execution of contrast are perfect. The entire place feels cohesive, seamless, comfortable, and carefree. Clarke's is a perfect example of well done simplicity and a reminder to us all that we don't need more for the space to feel special.

all photos © Guy With Camera

DBGB Kitchen & Bar

Name: DBGB Kitchen & bar
Location: NYC
Design: Thomas Schlesser

The bowery district in NYC has a rich history as the restaurant supply neighborhood of the city. Taking inspiration from this history, DBGB was born. The entire space features open shelving displaying the tools and equipment used in the kitchen. Copper pots and pans, goods and glasswares can all be viewed as diners gaze into the semi-open kitchen beyond.  The space is simple and yet complex, warm, inviting and comfortable. With intimate booths tucked in between the shelves, central two-tops and four-top booths in the center, there is a place for any diners needs. DBGB has officially been added to my list of restaurants to visit the next time I am in NY and I hope it has been added to yours, as well.

Image 1-3 © DBGB
Image 4 © chrisnsue