Hotel Fontevraud

Name: Hotel Fontevraud
Location: Loire Valley
Design: Patrick Jouin

To say that Hotel Fontevraud has a rich history would be an understatement. Constructed between 1101 and 1119 as an Fontevraud Abbey, hosting both Monks and Nuns. The order was dissolved during the French Revolution(1792) and was habituated again in 1804 as a prison. Serving as a prison for 159 years, the Abbey was handed over in 1963 and restoration work began to return it to it's former self. The current vision for Hotel Fontevraud is a 'Cité Idéal' or the intersection of intellect and culture by providing hospitality for guests.  

With this new chapter comes a new restaurant that celebrates its past while firmly establishing it's future. 

What makes this new revitalization a success, in my opinion, is the juxtaposition of old and new. The contemporary furnishings compliment the architectural beauty surrounding you while also allowing you to remain firmly planted our digital and quickly evolving age. Nothing feels permanent and yet doesn't feel light enough to be unintentional. 

All photos © knstrct

At The Chapel

Name: At The Chapel
Location: Burton, UK
Design: Ahmed Sidki & Catherine Butler

A former 17th century congregation church found new life as a cafe, bakery, wine shop, and restaurant.  Keeping the original architectural details intact, the minimalist and warm interior showcases the goods and space perfectly.

Utilizing natural materials and a minimal color palate, the almost Scandinavian interior, allows multiple functions to flow together while maintaining a cohesive feel.

I love that the architectural details of this stunning building are offset and balanced perfectly by the minimalist and warm interior. 

All images © Dee Purdy

Hock Farms

Name: Hock Farms
Location: Sacremento, CA
Design: Beta Form Industries

Hock Farms is a bright & slightly modern space that still captures a bit of rustic warmth within it's walls.

The added brick gives the interior some texture while painting it white does a great job at brightening the space. 

I love the rustic details and texture of fabrics used as they layer multiple styles allowing the space to feel inviting and comfortable.

The pop of blue in the center of the space is a welcome break from the monochrome interior and adds a bit of definition among seating groups.

All photos © Kat Alves via Remodelista

Gowings Bar & Grill

Name: Gowings Bar & Grill
Location: Sydney, Australia

Located in the QT Sydney hotel, Gowings is an Australian meets European brassier. With a luxe mixture of materials, the interior creates an upscale and comfortably chic environment.

The space is divided up into multiple areas, each with their own signature style that all work together with the use of mixed metals and gilded finishes.
I love the storefront like displays created for the wine room and seafood, treating the ingredients inside like works of art.

Photos 1-3 © Artinfo

Clyde Common

Name: Clyde Common
Location: Portland, OR
Design: Jack Barron & Natasha Figueroa

Located in the Ace hotel in Portland, Clyde Common is a double story, industrial chic space serving up great food and exceptional drinks. Fashioned with a bit of military inspiration, the space features communal tables, industrial metal stools pushed up to a wood-clad bar and simple materials to create it's hip and urban feel. The tarp cloth, located on the second level is yet another nod to the military feel and helps create a visual barrier between the two areas.

Image 1 © Hello Portland
Image 2 © Let there be bite
Image 3-4 © Star Chefs
Image 5-7 © Remodelista

The Grazing Goat

Name: The Grazing Goat
Location: London

I love The grazing Goat for it's quaint feel and rustic elements. The wood paneled bar and walls, paired with the french and industrial furnishings, make the entire space feel warm and elegant. One of the things I enjoyed most about this space is that they were able to incorporate so many industrial finishes and furniture while still minting a country aesthetic overall.

All photos © The Grazing Goat

Coming Soon: The Nomad Hotel

Name: The Nomad Hotel
Location: NYC
Designer: Jacques Garcia

Set to open early this year, The Nomad Hotel, opening up on Broadway & 28th, is much anticipated among design-savy travelers. The hotel will feature two restaurants, a lounge, and a seasonal rooftop terrace. The food program will be run by Daniel Humm & Will Guidara who also run Eleven Madison Park.

All images © The Nomad Hotel

A colorful treat; The Pantone® Hotel

Name: Pantone® Hotel
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Designer: Michel Penneman & Olivier Hannaert

I have yet to meet a designer who doesn't love Pantone®. The color standard for almost all creative fields, their iconic branding has established a loyalty in even the most color-phobic among us. In the past few years, Pantone has done an excellent job at not only remaining relevant, but also main stream and desirable. The product design that has come out in full force as of recent, has established a renewed love within me and I was overjoyed to see an entire space dedicated to the love of color and color theory.

Each room and floor is themed based on color. Guests can choose the color or emotion they would like to experience and will receive a unique space catered to that very color. 

Besides the rooms, the public spaces throughout the hotel are also coated in intense, saturated colors. 

Image 1 © Karen Haller
Images 2-3 © Dezeen
Images 4-6 © Apartment Therapy
Image 7- 9 © NY Times

Local favorite; Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel

Location: Chicago, IL
Designer: Graven Images

Just before Thanksgiving, I got the opportunity to take a peak into one of the newest hotels here in Chicago, the Radisson Blu located in the famed Aqua Building. I will admit, I was intrigued and a bit doubtful about what the space would present design-wise. All preconceived ideas were thrown to the wind the moment I stepped through the doors. Before me was a well thought out concept that was more  W Hotel than any Radisson I'd been in before. With a modern and warm atmosphere, the design took cues from Chicago's rich history and featured tons of brick contrasted with gilded and brass details. Many art deco elements were also present and are heavily noticeable throughout the martini bar and lounge space on the first floor. What I love the most about the space is that they took inspiration from their architectural gem of a location and layered it with the rich history of Chicago's past & present. 

Rich woods, weathered steel, reclaimed bricks and glitzy gold details create a space perfect for a romantic date, late night drink with friends, or cozy gathering of family. 

I haven't had the chance to take a look at the guest rooms yet, but I can only image the level of finish and details that would be present given the polished public spaces. 

Concierge / Check-In:

Entry/ Lobby:

Gallery to Event Space & Ballrooms:

Bar & lounge Space:

Filine Restaurant:

All photos © Kaper Design

The Redbury

Name: The Redbury
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Designer: sbe + Matthew Rolston 

Words cannot describe the beauty I just stumbled across. LA is typically not my first choice of travel destination (although with the vastly growing food scene and public transit gaining ground, it may be soon!). This hotel and restaurant are fun, quirky, and yet beautifully curated and refined. Take a look at the plethora of photos below and you will quickly see why The Redbury has jumped to the top of my LA list.

All photos © The Redbury