Carter Bar & Kitchen

Name: Carter Bar & Kitchen
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Design: Nicemakers

Carter Bar & Kitchen, located in Amsterdam, is a warm and gilded reprieve from the everyday. Chestnut and chocolate browns, high gloss blacks, and shiny brass play off each other perfectly within the two story space.

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I love the simple shelving behind the bar and how it helps balance the scale of the two-story open space in the bar area. 

All three areas within the space have a distinctive feel but come together in a cohesive manor. All feel warm, rich, and layered which makes for a space you feel you could sit and stay for a while. 

All photos © 31 Pictures via Nicemakers

The Dandelion Pub

Name: The Dandelion Pub
Location: Philadelphia

Designed as a take on the London gastropub, I certainly hadn't expected for the The Dandelion Pub to be located in philadelphia! A bit quirky and layered with warmth and texture, the interior looks as if it's been in Philadelphia for centuries. I love the tufted banquettes and moulding and while I'm not typically a few of tchotchkes, the deign of this space fits the desired direction and vision. It looks well thought through and every element seems to make sense within the parameters of the concept.

Mary Queen of Scots

Name: Mary Queen of Scots - Now Closed
Location: New York, NY

Mary Queen of Scots is a scottish bar & gastropub, located on the Lower East Side of NY. Designed to resemble a traditional Scottish country house, the design incorporates traditional elements in updated ways. The bright plaid on the the tufted booths, geometric mirrored ceiling inlay over the bar, and mixture of chair and booth styles all give a warm and rustic feeling while still remaining hip and trendy enough to be located in NYC.

All photos © Mary Queen of Scot