J.G. Domestic

Name: J.G. Domestic
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Design: Unknown

J.G. Domestic, another space from well known chef and restauranteur Jose Garces, is the definition of modern farmhouse. Rustic timber sits alongside lush foliage and modern lines to create an updated take on tradition. 

Plaid fabric covers, reclaimed wood, and steel all work together giving the traditional farmhouse/rustic feeling. 

While the openness, clean lines, and simplicity all add the touch of modern that takes the concept toward trendy and now. 

Photos © J.G. Domestic & Ahra Lee


Name: Pescatore
Location: Poland
Design: Loft

Located in the Mera Hotel & Spa, Pescatore stands above most restaurant bars with its classic and modern design. 

The monochromatic color palate, simple material palate, and use of pattern create a space that feels timeless with a touch of modern. 

The gingham table clothes paired with the distressed wall paneling add a slight touch of rustic to the mix, creating a layered and refined space.

Puritan & Company

Name: Puritan & Company
Location: Boston, MA
Design: Ask Design/Build

One of the newest spots in Boston is Puritan & Company. With an 'urban farmhouse' aesthetic, the space is rich with worn woods, bright light, and classic details.

The simplicity of the space is offset by the rustic nature of the antique pieces and worn wood. 

The addition of traditional blue and white details in updated patterns helps evoke the farmhouse feel while allowing the space to reside peacefully in the city.

All photos © Rachel Leah Blumenthal via Eater

Local Favorite; Grass Fed

Name: Grass Fed
Location: Chicago, IL

What I love about the interior of Grass Fed, a Bucktown/Wicker park steak house, is that the interior steers clear of any typical steakhouse associations. You could almost describe Grass Fed as your girlfriends steakhouse. The script font, bright interior, and topiaries all add a distinctive feminine touch to what has typically always been a masculine concept.

The new facade sets the tone for the interior space with it's bright, white paint, scalloped awnings, and perfectly green topiaries. 

The interior carries on the bright white and green palate while material choices give a nod to the classic farmhouse. 

 All photos © Grass Fed


Name: Faviken
Location: Järpen, Sweden

In a rural town in Sweden sits one of the top restaurants in the world. With only twelve seats in the restaurant, you are guaranteed an intimate experience. 

Faviken takes local cuisine and ingredients to a higher level by growing and raising all of their own food. In the winter, they use food from their root seller and dried, cured meats. 

With rough beams, worn wood floors and walls, and herbs drying on the walls, the interior of Faviken allows function to come first. Using quality materials that that age well intrinsically adds warmth and allows the space to envelope the diners. This happens while still maintaining its connection with the natural beauty that surrounds it.

The Old Library

Name: The Old Library
Location: Cronulla, Australia
Design: Hecker Guthrie

Scandinavian simplicity meets the sharp angles of a traditional church structure in The Old Library. With the simple material palate of light wood, white walls, black and white chairs and glass greenhouse-like structure, the Scandinavian aesthetic is easily apparent. 

The interior greenhouse-like structure helps emphasize the sharp lines and angles of the structure while providing a visual break in the long, linear layout.

The interior provides moments for intimate dining and drinks while still maintaining the connection to the other spaces.

All images © The Old Library