Name: Kolonihagen
Location: Oslo, Norway

There is something so rustic and unfinished about Kolonihagen that creates a warm and welcoming space.


Chambre separee

With rich, dark wood floors and exposed brick walls, The mismatched furniture allows the space to feel unpretentious and familiar.

By using found items, and keeping the furniture in the same light, earth-toned color family, the space still feels pulls together and cohesive.

A wood plank wall was crafted to separate spaces and hanging bulbs provide just enough light while adding a romantic glow throughout the space.

Gårdsbesøk – Grøndalen gård – lykkelig ku!

Restauranten nede

Local Favorite; The Publican

Name: The Publican
Location: Chicago, IL

One of my favorite spots in Chicago for oysters and meat is hands down, The Publican.
Located in Chicago's booming restaurant scene over in the West Loop, the space is communal and raw which goes perfectly with the food it serves.

The long communal table wraps around the interior of the restaurant creating an energy and allowing a variety of groups to be seated at the same time. 
Along the wall, are more private dining options, all of which hold four people in a corral-like setting. Once again, fitting for the carnivore lovers menu.

The custom shaker inspired seats pair well with the yellow tones and raw woods in the space.

The repetition of globe pendants is simple but creates a dramatic visual element in the otherwise monotoned space.

All images © The Publican via Bob Briskey


Name: Husk
Location: Charleston, SC

Husk is another Bon Appetit Magazine top restaurant for 2011. The first image truly expresses the feeling of the space, "Historic Roots Modern Disposition". Located in a very classic, plantation style Charleston structure, the restaurant focuses heavily on local farms and sustainability. (I highly encourage everyone to take a look at their website, it is highly interactive and showcases the seasonal products they are using and the farms they are getting them from.) I adore the logo and branding of Husk and love that it continues the idea of fork to fork from the moment you walk through the doors.

Husk Logo

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