Name: Barchetta
Location: NYC
Design: LDV Hospitality

One of the newest openings in NYC is Barchetta, an intimate italian seafood spot. Vintage and nautical touches fill the main dining space and mezzanine exuding a casual warmth throughout the space. 

Danish chairs and custom tables made from found ceiling trusses live alongside abstract impressionist art and vintage light fixtures. The overall space is intimate and casual while maintaining a level of refinement through a natural color scheme and abundance of texture.

 All images © Architectural Digest

Mikkeller Bar

Name: Mikkeller Bar
Location: San Francisco, CA
Design: Martin heid design/build

An American take on a Copenhagen brewery, Mikkeller is as much a standout for it's location as it is for the design. 

With blond woods, exposed brick, and industrial charm the space perfectly blends the Scandinavian lightness with the gritty and raw location.  Many of the design components remind me of Torst beer bar, located in Brooklyn.

 Teaming up with The Trappist of Oakland and Mikkel Borg, who opened the original Mikkeller Bar in  Copenhagen, the bar has high standards to be the best beer bar in the US.

The large scale of the two story space is accentuated with large scale graphics, heavy steel posts and an all encompassing bar surrounded by minimalist bar stools.

All images © Eater SF


Name: Host
Location: Copenhagen
Design: Norm Architects

The warmth exuded from the raw space of Host, located in Copenhagen, is enough to win anyone over.

The simple, well crafted material and details throughout this space proves that minimal doesn't mean empty. 

The warn wood tables, hand crafter pottery and table ware and raw walls all give the space a sense of clarity while also delivering the rustic element that balances out the space.

Painted white brick walls and collections of vintage bread boards creates a visual break on the wall and compliments the rustic and raw nature of the space. 


Name: Noma
Location: Copenhagen

It is easy to see why Noma was ranked No.1 on San Pellegrinos' “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list for 2010(pushing out El Bulli). The restaurant serves Icelandic style cuisine in an absolutely perfect atmosphere. Worm brick, timber beams, dark wood floors and classic Danish style furnishings strike a perfect balance to the beautifully plated, seasonal food. Noma is a great example of beautiful design and food coming together to create a seamless  finished product. The balancing act of these two components is what creates a a positive and memorable experience for a diner. 

Image 1 © Lovely lifestyles
Image 2 © The fab day
Image 4 © The Guardian UK
Image 5 © flickr