Top Paddock Cafe

Name: Top Paddock Cafe
Location: Richmond, Melbourne
Design: Unkown

Light filled and welcoming, Top Paddock uses it's industrial home in Richmond's warehouse district to create multiple spaces and experience.  With a large open kitchen and two bars, one specifically for to-go orders, the space feels thoughtful and exciting. 

White on white geometric moulding, subway tile, and beautiful lights fill the space with warmth and character. The interior also features multiple seating groups splashed throughout the space guaranteeing everyone is likely to find their favorite spot.

Images 1, 2, 4 © Melbourne is Design
Images 3, 5 © Breakfast Out


Name: Althaus
Location: Gdynia, Poland
Design: PB/Studio with Filip Kozarski

Althaus, a Bavarian restaurant located in Poland executes a rustic and modern interior seamlessly. 

Occupying two levels, the space features traditional materials and rustic touches offset by accent of copper.

The large graphic wood wall ties both upper and lower floors together allowing each to have it's own personality without contradicting the other. 

I love the simplicity of the space and the updated uses of materials. The paneling and banquette are a great example of traditional applications being updated and used to present a modern and fresh perspective. 

All photos © Yatzer

DBGB Kitchen & Bar

Name: DBGB Kitchen & bar
Location: NYC
Design: Thomas Schlesser

The bowery district in NYC has a rich history as the restaurant supply neighborhood of the city. Taking inspiration from this history, DBGB was born. The entire space features open shelving displaying the tools and equipment used in the kitchen. Copper pots and pans, goods and glasswares can all be viewed as diners gaze into the semi-open kitchen beyond.  The space is simple and yet complex, warm, inviting and comfortable. With intimate booths tucked in between the shelves, central two-tops and four-top booths in the center, there is a place for any diners needs. DBGB has officially been added to my list of restaurants to visit the next time I am in NY and I hope it has been added to yours, as well.

Image 1-3 © DBGB
Image 4 © chrisnsue