Nomad Coffee

Name: Nomad Coffee
Location: Barcelona
Design: Unknown

There is something great about the simplicity and unfussy nature of Nomad Coffee. Located in Barcelona, Nomad started out as a small cart and has since transitioned to a brick and mortar space, their name speaking to their roots. 

The unimposing and warm facade welcomes you into a communal space with a utilitarian aesthetic that emphasizes the craft and connection.

Image 1, 2 © Fuet Magazine
Image 3 © The Soup Spoon


Name: Shortstop
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Design: Foolscap 

A good doughnut is always a good find. A good doughnut in a great space; can you ask for more?
Foolscap crafted a space for Shortstop Coffee & Doughnuts that is bright, light, and playfully speaks to the key offering.

We love the subtle pattern created from the tile installation and the beautifully displayed doughnuts within their glass case. Subtle, well-thought out details like these help elevate the simple interior.

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Throughout the space you will notice the circular shape present; a playful and fitting ode to the doughnut. Paired with light, blonde wood, glossy tiles, and light concrete the space feels bright and warm.

Warm walnut wood tones help balance out the space and add a bit of richness at the entry. The custom tables and bar help maximize the small square footage of the space and allow for a moment of respite. 

Image 3 © Broadsheet
All other images © Tom Blanchford via Foolcap Studio

Alfred Coffee

Name: Alfred Coffee
Location: Los Angeles, CA (Multiple)
Design: Joshua Zad

One look around the Alfred Coffee in the Alley location and you'll realize this is not your typical coffee shop. Bolder than what we are used to, it creates a great buzz of energy that is refreshing from a design stand point. 

Keeping it simple with black and white, the play with contrast and shape help create a dynamic interior that is anything but traditional. 

Personally, I love the use of the red neon and the gold counters. They elevate the otherwise simple materials and create a great energy within the space. The addition of aqua in the Brentwood location act in the same manner, keeping the space bold but still approachable and refreshing. 

Photos 1-3 © Alfred Coffee
Image 4- 6© Eater LA

Earl Canteen

Name: Earl Canteen
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Design: Unknown

With it's second location now open in Collin's Place, Earl Canteen is proving to be a new direction for grab and go eateries. Their newest location uses their existing color and material palate but introduces  their graphic pattern on a larger scale. 

Utilizing the minimalist color palate with pops of emerald allows the space to remain harmonious while adding excitement. The modern and geometric pattern used liberally throughout helps distinguish the location and brand. 

All images © Broadsheet

Local Favorite: Bow Truss

Name: Bow Truss
Location: Chicago, IL

With NeoCon just around the corner, I wanted to give all those headed into town a look at one of my favorite coffee shops near the Mart.

Bow Truss is a local, small batch roaster with two locations in Chicago. While both serve amazing coffee, their newest location in River North is the stand out in terms of design. 

A smaller space than their original, the River North location still maintains the rustic, reclaimed, and hip nature the original East Lakeview location is known for but does it a more thoughtful and concentrated manor. 

Images © Zagat, Doejo

Brother baba Budan

Name: Brother Baba Budan
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Photography: Erika Hildegard

Located along the tiny alley of Little Bourke Street, Brother Baba Budan is a small cafe with a big personality.  

Having a small footprint, creativity is shown through the use of common materials, in this case; chairs, used in uncommon ways. By placing the chairs on the ceiling, it creates a texture and pattern and draws the eye up, emphasizing the spaces height. 

Placing shelving and displays at a higher vantage point also frees up the floor space they do have to allow for quick grab and go coffee and a small community table in the center of the space.

Using wood as the primary build-out material and leaving the walls relatively raw, they were able to create a hip and urban space that keeps the focus on the coffee.

 All photos © Erika Hildegard

Local Favorite; Big Shoulders Coffee

Name: Big Shoulders Coffee
Location: Chicago, IL

Big Shoulders takes cues from it's Chicago location with both the name, and interior.
The interior is kept simple with nods to Chicago's industrial & manufacturing background throughout.

The black subway tile with matching grout is streamlined and clean while still maintaining the timelessness of the material.

 The use of caged bulbs, exposed duct work, and strong metal fixtures are reminders of Chicago's manufacturing, industrial, and blue collar past.

Image 1,3 © Yelp
Image 2,4-5@ Kaper Design

Workshop Coffee Co.

Name: Workshop Coffee Co
Location: Clerkenwell, London

The Workshop Coffee Co., London

Workshop Coffee Co juggles multiple hats and does it seemingly well. As a roaster, cafe, and restaurant multiple functions have to happen throughout the space all requiring their own needs in terms of design.

The open, central bar creates unity and breaks up the dining space, allowing it to serve both at night but all for the quick cop of coffee or lunch date throughout the day.

Utilizing the existing brick and exposed duct work brings in an urban industrial element while the reclaimed and distressed wood tables add a hand-crafted layer to the space.

Image 2 © Londontown
Image 4, 5 © Unknown

Sight Glass

Name: Sight Glass
Location: San Francisco

My love for coffee and well designed coffee shops can easily be traced back to San Francisco. With new shops and roasters opening up daily, the coffee scene there is exciting and second to none. The coffee scene in Chicago could use a little work. With everyone brewing Metropolis or Intelligentisia, it's been refreshing to see Stumptown, Bow & Truss, and La Colombe enter the mix but it still lacks the local, small batch roasting you see everywhere out West. Sight Glass is just one of the many well designed roasters opening up all around SF and the interior is just as beautiful as their art. With a double story space outfitted with exposed wood beams, metal stools, and curved coffee bar, the space is industrial, warm and exciting.

Large tables, exposed beams and even light from skylights make the second floor a comfortable place for a cup of coffee. Sightglass Coffee company took the interior of a nondescript warehouse on 7th Street in San Francisco, Calif. and reinvented it with interlocking levels and renovations.

Photo 3 © Inside Scoop SF
Photos 1,2,4 © The Cabinet Shop
Photos 5-6 © Brewly Noted