St. Cecilia

Name: St. Cecilia
Location: Atlanta, GA
Design: Meyer Davis Studio

Located in Atlanta, St. Cecilia is a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary. The layering of materials and attention to detail throughout help keep this large space grounded and comfortable.

We love all of the small details that Meyer Davis infused into the interior. Every area is thought through and considered.

Given the large scale of the space, using semi-circle booths to dot the space, helps create movement and a more intimate environment. This is a solution that commonly cannot be used within smaller scale spaces simply due to the room required for guest to enter and exit the booths but works extremely well in this application.

All photos via Meyer Davis

Wexler's Deli

Name: Wexler's Deli
Location: Grand Central Market, LA
Design: J. Marx

There is something so wonderfully unpretentious and warm about the classic deli feel. Clean, white subway tiles accentuated by the stainless steel equipment and butcher block counters seem to create the perfect backdrop for vibrant ingredients. 

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Located in LA's Grand Central Market, Wexler's stands out with it's bold sense of style; effortlessly mixing classic New York deli with hip LA culture. We love the graphic illustrations applied to the subway tile and the display of bagels and pickles lining the otherwise impeding structural column. 

All images © Wexler's Deli


Name: Tremont
Location: New York, NY
Architecture: CCS

Located in New York's West Village, Tremont is a space that fits right in within the trend but established neighborhood. 

Utilizing a neutral palate and classic architectural details gives the space a rich interior that feels timeless but sophisticated.

Graphic artwork, and intimate seating groups creates warmth and community within the small space.

Images 1-3 © Tremont
Images 4,5 © CCS

The East Pole

Name: The East Pole
Location: New York, NY
Design: Phil Winser

Intimate and warm, the interior of The East Pole is both industrial and nautical in a way that is neither themed or blatantly apparent. 

The low ceilings add to the intimate nature of the space giving it an almost vessel-like feeling that works well with the nautical touches. 

Using walnut, marble and black iron gives the space a classic feel allowing it to be polished with subtle industrial and nautical notes. 

All photos © The East Pole

The General Muir

Name: The General Muir
Location: Atlanta, GA
Design: Square Feet Studio;

As a modern take on a Jewish deli, the interior of The General Muir looks just as appetizing as the food. With classic details like subway tiles and checkerboard floors, the space feels rooted in tradition while still keeping a firm grasp on the dining pulse.

Keeping the color palate restricted helps keep the interior feeling modern while the bronze details help add a classically aged note. The marble toped bar, vintage inspired bar stools, and globe lights all work together to create layers within the space. 

All images © Eater Atlanta

Wee Jeanie

Name: Wee Jeanie
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Photos: Erika Hildegard Photography

Located close to the Yarraville train station, Wee Jeanie is a great spot to grab your morning coffee. 

The interior is bright and classic with minimal details and allows you to feel as if you are sitting in your own kitchen, sunshine streaming through the windows. 

The exposed, worn brick adds a touch of warmth to the otherwise white space while the stacked bond tile add a slight modern touch.

I love the bright back patio and how they bridged the interior and exterior with a leaning edge on both sides. The acrylic table top and wood truss base also point the subtle modern/rustic mix happening throughout the space.

The Wright Brothers

Name: The Wright Brothers Soho Oyster House
Location: London

The Wright Brothers second location features classic details with a few unexpected twists. Located near London Bridge, Soho serves up oysters and other sea morsels from it's open raw bar. 

The raw bar, defined by worn subway tiles in a not-so-classic pattern and warm wood also features integrated spots to set oyster trays, keeping the bar space clear for diners. 

The large industrial pendants, exposed bulbs in cages, and metal staircase details all add a subtle industrial touch while remaining balanced by the classic cafe chairs and red tufted banquette.

The two story space utilizes it's height to display beautiful photos of the food being served and sources.

Images 2-9 © Editor


Name: Bent
Location: Toronto

Located in Toronto, Bent is the perfect mix of whimsy and traditional.

Using traditional materials like subway tiles with dark grout, shaker style benches, and molded plywood chairs creates a great base to which they added a touch of the unexpected. 

The colorful stripes on the tables, gilded bronze pendants, and custom industrial stools all add a sense of 'we don't take ourselves too seriously' while still coming together to create a cohesive and thoughtful design.

All photos © Toronto Life


Name: Dishoom
Location: London
Design: AfroditiKrassa

Dishoom was designed to revitalize and pay tribute to the traditional cafes of Bombay. Concentrating on telling the story of these cafes, as well as keeping true to the architectural and design tradition, the space reflects old traditions and values while remaining firmly planted in the now.

A modern, monochromatic color palate and bold geometric shapes help bridge the gap between the history represented by Dishoom and the modern London where is currently resides. 

Family portraits hung on the walls were standard in Bombay cafe's and the tradition has been carried through to the new space. 

Mismatched chairs with marble-topped bistro tables give a casual feel to the otherwise modern and geometric space. 

Photos 1-3 © Sim Canetty via Dishoom
Photos 4-7 © Yatzer

Schiller's Liquor Bar

Name: Schiller's Liquor Bar
Location: New York, NY

Schiller's is a mix of old-school, vintage charm and modern industrial. The classic field tiles covering the exterior paired with the large typographic signage makes the space feel as if it's been in the neighborhood forever. 

The classic details continue to the interior with metal bistro-styke chairs, mirror-backed bar, checkerboard floor and mismatched victorian-based marble tables. The black & white color palate continues the classic feel but also edges the space into a modern time.

Photos 1-4, 6-7 © Schillers Liquor Bar
Photos 5 © Coeurdesel