Homer Street Cafe

Name:  Homer Street Cafe
Location:Vancouver, Canada
Designer:Ste. marie

Hitting a perfect balance between transitional and industrial, Home Street Cafe creates an inviting and warm space with just enough punch to keep it on trend.

I love the amount of detail work that can be found though out the space. While some details don't fit in perfectly, they all help balance the pristine white adding to the layers of the space and ultimately creating warmth and wit. 


Name: Gusto
Location: Toronto, Canada
Design & Photography: Munge Leung

Revitalizing a former auto body shop, Gusto 101 crafted an industrial and intimate Italian trattoria.


The use of vintage furnishings paired with the raw, industrial space creates an industrial interior that remains warm and authentic. 

I enjoy that though they used multiple finishes and fixtures, the entire space feel cohesive and complete. By leaving the existing space relatively untouched and adding a level of finish to the food preparation areas, allows the space to remain pulled together and thought through. 

Cafe Plenty

Name: Cafe Plenty
Location: Toronto, ON

Cafe Plenty uses a neutral color palate, natural materials, and graphic design to create a memorable and fresh cafe interior. 

While limited in color, there are no shortage of rich details and textures that add warmth and depth to the interior. 

Layering beveled edge tile, breadboard, rustic wood, and metal creates a welcoming environment that remains fresh, open, and bright. 

Utilizing creative graphic design and signage, the windows keep views into the space open while clearly telling those passing what lies behind the glass. 

Utilizing natural materials highlights the natural food and beverage offerings while custom bar height counters keeps the narrow space open and traffic flowing through. 

All photos © A.R.E Design Awards

Restaurant Communion

Name: Restaurant Communion
Location: Montreal, Canada
Design: Blazys Gerard

The intimate space of Restaurant Communion is a great example of utilizing the architecture you are given. The exposed, rough beams and stacked stones become a wonderful backdrop to a handcrafted and slightly rough interior. 

What I love the most about this space is the authenticity it presents. Nothing is completely pulled together and yet there is just enough cohesion to make it work.

 Utilizing popular and inexpensive materials such as subway tiles and bead-board allow the space a timeless and collected nature while the Navy chairs and exposed builds add a touch of industrial to balance things out. 

All photos © Blazys Gerard via Jean Sébastien Senécal

Parlour Coffee

Name: Parlour Coffee
Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Design: Nils Vik

Although located in middle of bustling Winnipeg, the interior style of Parlour Coffee is pure european minimalist.

Using touches of industrial (i.e. the metal pipe made furniture and steel Tolix stools) paired with the clean lines, simple material palate and minimalist color palate, the space feel bright and inviting.

The coffee bar is made from reclaimed oak flooring to save cost and the ornate light fixture adds just enough movement and texture as to not keep the minimalist space feeling cold.

Image 1,3 © Cool Entrepreneurs
Image 2,4,5 © Kinfolk Magazine

Three Boars Eatery

Name: Three Boars Eatery
Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

I love the simplicity behind Three Boars Eatery, located in Edmonton, Canada. From the wood-clad walls to the industrial stools and exposed pendants, the space feels warm, welcoming, and approachable.

Details like the built-in bar shelves, exposed ends, built-in bench, and chalkboard with drawn boar all make the space have a handmade feel. This handcrafted nature allows the guest to feel welcome and comfortable within the space.

All photos © Zachary Ayotte via Kinfolk

Death Valley's Little Brother

Name: Death Valley's Little Brother Espresso Bar
Location: Ontario, Canada

I love the concept behind DVLB, located in Ontario. Part espresso, whisky and bread cafe, they focus on craft versions of all three.

Their space feels authentic and handcrafted which perfectly fits the handcrafted nature of their products. There are some fun details throughout the space, such as the recycled crate and pipe shelving and the hand drawn chalk art on the wall.

With exposed brick walls, tin ceilings and reclaimed wood furniture the space is overflowing with warmth.

Photos 1 & 4 © Andrewdfrazer
Photo 3 © DVLB Pinterest
Photo 2 & 5© ClickPhotography 

Scarpetta Dining Pavilion

Name: Scarpetta Dining Pavilion
Location: Toronto, Canada
Design: gh3, II by IV Design

New York based restaurant, Scarpetta, recently completed it's first international expansion into the city of Toronto. Wishing to create a new dining concept where guests can 'see and be seen', the dining pavilion surely accomplishes it's directives.


New York based restaurant, Scarpetta, recently completed it's first international expansion into the city of Toronto. Wishing to create a new dining concept where guests can 'see and be seen', the dining pavilion surely accomplishes it's directives.

Set alongside a park and parallel to a linear reflecting pool, the angular and narrow pergola has one central community table dominating the space. 
The long table was designed to include seating ranging from standard dining, counter, and bar height spots by raising or lowering the Corian surface.

The reflective nature of the inside finishes brings the natural qualities found outside, inside and allows a harmonious space throughout. Placing the bar stations perpendicular to the direction of the space, creates a natural break and defines the spaces boundaries.

All photos © Dan couto via Contemporist