Alfred Coffee

Name: Alfred Coffee
Location: Los Angeles, CA (Multiple)
Design: Joshua Zad

One look around the Alfred Coffee in the Alley location and you'll realize this is not your typical coffee shop. Bolder than what we are used to, it creates a great buzz of energy that is refreshing from a design stand point. 

Keeping it simple with black and white, the play with contrast and shape help create a dynamic interior that is anything but traditional. 

Personally, I love the use of the red neon and the gold counters. They elevate the otherwise simple materials and create a great energy within the space. The addition of aqua in the Brentwood location act in the same manner, keeping the space bold but still approachable and refreshing. 

Photos 1-3 © Alfred Coffee
Image 4- 6© Eater LA


Name: IMIG's
Location: San Diego, CA
Design: All the bells & whistles

Located within the Lafayette Hotel in San Diego, IMIG's has it's own distinctive style making it a great dining experience even for locals. 

I love the reclaimed and salvaged window partition that divides the space. Using tone on tone woods and the moulding below helps it feel more like a built-in and architectural detail that a divider. The simple color palate and Thonet-esq lines to the chairs adds a historical touch while remaining updated and slightly trendy. 

Lowbrau Bierhalle

Name: Lowbrau Bierhalle
Location: Sacramento, CA
Graphic Design: Band

Lowbrau bierhalle is a modern interpretation of the traditional German Beer Hall. I love that they took a traditional concept, reinterpreted it for their local, and created a space that refreshingly different while still playing homage to the original. 

The rustic interior features hits of reflective gold, elevating the rustic and causal interior. Utilizing graphic design and their pig and crown logo helps tie in the gold accents while still paying tribute to the traditional concept. 

By understanding the importance of the interior and branding within their space, Lowbrau was able to create a upbeat and fun execution of a historical concept. 

All photos © Band

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Hock Farms

Name: Hock Farms
Location: Sacremento, CA
Design: Beta Form Industries

Hock Farms is a bright & slightly modern space that still captures a bit of rustic warmth within it's walls.

The added brick gives the interior some texture while painting it white does a great job at brightening the space. 

I love the rustic details and texture of fabrics used as they layer multiple styles allowing the space to feel inviting and comfortable.

The pop of blue in the center of the space is a welcome break from the monochrome interior and adds a bit of definition among seating groups.

All photos © Kat Alves via Remodelista


Name: Mess Hall
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Design: StudioUnltd

With a mix of mid century modern and rustic, Messhall creates a space that fits well within it's historic dome roofed structure. 

 Industrial stools, wood clad walls, and a color palate reminiscent of days at camp all come together to form a space much more pulled together than I remember my camp mess hall being!

I love that they used a common, everyday object- the divided dining tray, and created a a great visual that ties into the concept. 

All Images © StudioUnltd

Laurel Hardware

Name: Laurel Hardware
Location: West Hollywood, CA
Design: Sam Marshall

Located inside of a converted hardware store, appropriately named Laurel Hardware creates a space with a great mix of industrial and vintage.

When repurposing the space, they kept true to its industrial and warehouse beginnings while adding large windows to both sides connecting diners to the outside.

Large expanses of floral wallpaper and reclaimed wood add a touch of girly chic to balance out the exposed wood beams and industrial furnishings.

Keeping the materials natural and the addition of large windows keeps the space bright and inviting.

Image 1, 3, 4 © Remodelista
Images 2, 5, 6 © LA Confidential

Brooklyn Girl

Name: Brooklyn Girl
Location: San Diego

Located in San Diego, Brooklyn Girl is a great example of two regional styles coming together to create a great mix. 

Using a monochromatic color palate of grey and white, they keep the space rooted in California by keeping it cool and bright. The addition of industrial furniture, rough wood, and rust tables bases all adds bits of Brooklyn without creating a dark and warm effect. 

All photos © Brooklyn Girl


Name: Gjelina
Location: Venice, CA
Design: Modern Arc

Here is another great, industrial restaurant space. Located in Venice California, Gjelina mastered the rustic, glamourous,slightly modern, and industrial feeling. The interior is paired with some great branding and logo work which carries through the vintage, industrial, and modern feel.

I absolutely love their use of wood on the ceiling and brick floors and enjoy the mismatched door styles covering up the wine wall. The variation throughout the space allows it to feel casual and unpretentious while the low lighting at night creates a romantic and intimate feeling. 

Photos 1-4 © Modern Arc
Image 5 © Susiefoodie Flickr

Bumble Los Altos

Name: Bumble Los Altos
Location: Los Altos, California

I love it when companies take design seriously, but realize that design doesn't have to be serious. When Bumble Los Altos showed up in my inbox, I couldn't have been more excited. The entire space was created on the concept of family dining and features multiple spaces for eating & playing. The entire space feels like you have entered a great friend's home, rather than a restaurant.

There is a communal dining space perfect for group get-togethers, bar for a quick lunch or glass of wine, lounge and play space centered around an interactive fish tank, indoor and outdoor play spaces for kids and outdoor patio for date nights.

Keeping the colors simple and sticking to a neutral palate with hits of grey and yellow, keeps the space bright, inviting and fun.

What I enjoyed most about this space, and concept, was that the entire space was designed for families but wasn't overly simplified. It reminds us that family dining can go beyond ball pits and happy meals.

All photos © Bumble Los Alto