Name: Knrdy
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Design: Suto Interior Architects

Knrdy is an American steakhouse in Budapest that showcases clean, modern design. 
The interior uses a monochromatic color scheme, clean lines and eye catching pieces to create a modern  space.

Upon entering, guests are walked past the cases displaying the selections of the days. These clean, cold displays are contrasted with warm wood shelves and a large graphic image of the New York skyline.

The open ceiling also showcases a modern, geometric patterns driving home the clean, straightforward lines used throughout the space. 

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Images 4,6,8 © Welovebudapest

Divino Wine Bar

Name: Davino Wine Bar
Location: Budapest
Design: Suto Interior Architects

Davino Wine Bar created a modern and warm spot perfect for displaying wine and serving customers. Utilizing a neutral color palate and limiting the materials used helped keep them on budget and focused in the design.

Utilizing strong geometric shapes and the light pine creates a great backdrop for the restaurants wine display while also providing a feature wall and focal point.

Concrete counters and diamond plating for floors helped establish the dark grey, black, and silver used to balance out the large quantity of pine.

I enjoy that all components follow through with the simple yet strong geometric aesthetic. Having the lights mirror the shape of the bar and wine display tie the space together and give it a harmonious feel.

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