Puritan & Company

Name: Puritan & Company
Location: Boston, MA
Design: Ask Design/Build

One of the newest spots in Boston is Puritan & Company. With an 'urban farmhouse' aesthetic, the space is rich with worn woods, bright light, and classic details.

The simplicity of the space is offset by the rustic nature of the antique pieces and worn wood. 

The addition of traditional blue and white details in updated patterns helps evoke the farmhouse feel while allowing the space to reside peacefully in the city.

All photos © Rachel Leah Blumenthal via Eater


Name: Drink
Location: Boston, MA

What might be the best part of Sportello, is the complete contrast that awaits you just below. Drink, the sister restaurant, features the same great bar layout but contrasts the upstairs modern interior with a rich, warm experience.

With exposed brick, warm edison bulbs, and wood bar the downstairs feels hidden away and removed. The large rectangular and continuos bar allow for large groups and individuals while also giving the bartenders a great deal of work space. 

Dedicated to the craft cocktail experience, Drink is a relatively raw space that allows the presentation and drinks to contract and shine within.

Image 1,4 © Starchefs
Image 2 @ veggiewala
Image 3 @ Drink


Name: Sportello
Location: Boston, MA

Designed as a modern diner concept, this counter service restaurant serves up fresh italian dishes in a modern and vibrant interior. 

The restaurant features a minimalist design and color palate. The single long bar that wraps through the space allows guests to view and focus on the food being created in front of them.
What's even better than this simple and sleek space is it's sister space, located just downstairs. Check back Monday to see the differences between the two spaces!

Image 1 © Travel & Leisure
Image 2,4 © Visual Dialogue
Image 3© LMGoBlue Flickr

Neptune Oyster

Name: Neptune Oyster
Location: Boston, MA


Located in Boston's North End, Neptune Oyster is a classically detailed oyster bar filled with character.

Tin ceilings, detailed wood moldings and trims, classic subway tile, and period fixtures create a welcoming and nautical feeling to this small space. 

Having the oyster bar, the central point of the restaurant, located at the front of the space catches guests attention as they walk by while also showcasing the fresh seafood selections being offered. 

Image 1 © Food in Mouth
Image 2-4 © Flickr
Image 5-6 © Cathydanh flickr

West Bridge

Name: West Bridge
Location: Cambridge, MA
Design: Creme Design

The newest spot to open up in the Boston area, West Bridge, fuses modern simplicity with industrial charm. 
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Located in a converted hose factory, the materials were kept simple and allow the space to feel bright and open.  The space features custom light fixtures created by Atelier 688, reclaimed bowling alley table tops, and a slight nod to the french cuisine through the bistro chairs & stools.

All images © Designskool


Name: Coppa
Location: Boston

While walking through Boston's South End, we happened by Coppa, an enoteca focusing on nose-to-tail cooking and charcuterie. Set amongst rich, exposed brick walls with a wood slat bench running along the length of the space, the space feels lively and comfortable. Metal tolix-esq cafe chairs and metal/wood bar stools add a touch of industrial into the mix, a perfect environment for the up and coming neighborhood and chef.

Image 2 © boston.com
Image 3 © Moebiwan flickr
Image 4 © entrepreneur

The Gallows

 Name: The Gallows
Location: Boston, MA
Design: Sousa Design

While exploring Boston, we happened to pass The Gallows in the South End and couldn't help but stop and peak in. The narrow space was rich with details and laid out well, providing multiple seating groups in two distinct zones, one for dining and one for the bar. Considering the restaurant is located in the area of Boston where hangings took place, the Gallows creates a nod to this haunted past while keeping the space polished and open. With a material palate of wood, brick, and metal, the design is truly in the details. The slat ceiling, industrial metal-made pendants, and wall lights peering out from what appears as peeling wood, the design achieves a historical and aged feel while keeping true to the polished and emerging dining scene.

The Gallows


Images 2,3,5 © Creative soul in motion
Image 5 © Sousa Design

South End Buttery

Name: South End Buttery
Location: Boston

Our most recent trip East allowed us to venture out to a few restaurants and cafes that have been high on our lists for quite a while. One of these, the South End Buttery was the perfect spot for a drizzly Monday morning. We grabbed a few pastries and a coffee to go and after a few quick snapshots, were off to explore the streets of the South End. The Buttery was the quintessential neighborhood spot, great attention to detail, creamy whites, rich wood floors and incredible woodwork made the space charming and warm. If we hadn't had more spots to explore, we could have easily spent the day here!

Image 1 © Hope in High Heels
Image 2 © Kaper Design


Name: Trade
Location: Boston

In the restaurant industry, you really can't beat a location with great bones. Having a structure that already has so much going for, is a pretty sure fire bet that even with a minimal amount of creativity, the space will look great. Trade in Boston is a great example of a space with great bones. Exposed, rough-around-the-edges brick, large windows, exposed beams, and high ceilings add a rich backdrop for an eclectic mix of furnishings. Keeping the majority of the seating high, respects the scale of the space and leaves it feeling less imposing and more welcoming & comfortable.

All images © Trade

The Butcher Shop

Name: The Butcher Shop
Location: Boston, MA

Taking a cue from our post on Wednesday, I thought I would let you in on another space with a butcher shop component. The Butcher Shop, which is located in Boston, has some wonderful and highly practical details. The large  butcher block, industrial hooks, and rich wood floors give the space a rustic and historical feel. I enjoy that the center of the restaurant space is the over-sized butch block with glass sneeze guards. It helps to emphasize the purpose of the space and adds a casual, and hand crafted feel to the over all space.

Image 1 © Stay
Image 1,3,4 © The Butcher Shop