Carter Bar & Kitchen

Name: Carter Bar & Kitchen
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Design: Nicemakers

Carter Bar & Kitchen, located in Amsterdam, is a warm and gilded reprieve from the everyday. Chestnut and chocolate browns, high gloss blacks, and shiny brass play off each other perfectly within the two story space.

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I love the simple shelving behind the bar and how it helps balance the scale of the two-story open space in the bar area. 

All three areas within the space have a distinctive feel but come together in a cohesive manor. All feel warm, rich, and layered which makes for a space you feel you could sit and stay for a while. 

All photos © 31 Pictures via Nicemakers


Name: SLA
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Design: Nicemakers

With the world taking a deeper look at it's food, how we eat, and the care of our ingredients, it's always fun to see how these ideas translate into built environments. While the US is focusing on farm to table, warm woods, raw materials, and an overall emphasis on the rustic and farm-like feel, SLA has gone in an equal, but opposite direction, focusing on the greenhouse.  

The main focus in the lofted interior is the greenhouse-like structure over the counter. This large focal point directs guest to the heart of their space and to their overall concept and direction. 

Simple furniture, and a neutral palate adds freshness to the space while drawing attention to the greenery that surrounds. 

The walls showcase plants and other greenery, vintage gardening tools, and service utensils in a minimalist manner while the honey wood chairs and simple metal stools harken back to traditional greenhouse and exterior furnishings. It's always great to see how different regions interpret and showcase the similar idea of fresh, healthy eating. 

Fitch & Shui

Name: Fitch & Shui
Location: Amsterdam
Designer: D/Dock

Fitch & Shui covers it all and does it well. As they are open for all meals, the space was designed in sections, each open accommodating a different meal. (Have you noticed you don't see many places open for all meals anymore?) The space is large but is laid out well and allows you to feel its' expansive nature while also remaining intimate. What I love most in the space is the the industrial/ modern bar with black subway tile and corrugated metal overhang.

All photos © The Contemporist


Name: Mazzo
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

How cool is this space? The raw vibe has just enough of a hipster edge without being a complete cliche´. I love the exposed brick and duct work, mismatched chairs and great prints of people eating as well as the exposed shelving units. Add to the mix the 'spider-looking' light fixtures and the space has great texture and visual interest.

I love the shotgun style floor plans that are typical in Amsterdam.
Small spaces + big design= perfection.

Images 1,3-6 © Ewout Huibers

Brasserie Harkema

Name: Brasserie Harkema
Location: Amsterdam
Love it or hate it: The balance between bright, bold colors and clean, straight-forward design has me wishing I had a ticket across the pond. Keeping the menu and design true to the idea of simple and quality without pretense is truly what makes this place a gem. The building it sits in was once an old tobacco factory, too!

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