Our Work: Foursided

Name: Foursided
Location: Chicago, IL
Design: Kaper Design, LLC
Photography: Kyle McKenna

Kaper Design is excited to share our latest work in Chicago! Located in the heart of East Lakeview (Just a few blocks down from Dryhop, too.), Foursided is a neighborhood staple for those looking to get the best framing or unique gift. Being the original location, it came time for a facelift and we were happy to jump on board. Follow the jump below for a look at their new space.

In order to bridge functionality with aesthetic, we created zones and divided the space into a private back workroom and public front of space retail section. Dividing the two areas allows works to spread out and get creative while creating a determined area for customers to meander. Custom steel and metal shelving units were fabricated to add vertical storage. These pieces add warmth while remaining light, allowing your eye to focus on the good placed on them. 

On of my favorite components of the space is the large, sliding panels which now display the extensive frame sample collection. Utilizing a custom designed steel track system (Similar to a school house blackboard), allows us to minimize the amount of square footage needed to display the frames while still keeping them easily accessible for employees and guests.

Custom designed and built shelving in the center of the space adds display and retail space while also keeping customer traffic flowing through the space. The counters were custom designed and fabricated by Fourth lake Carpentry Inc. and grant us lots of extra storage space for frame samples and prints. 

The front of the store received a brand new facade, tile entry way, and raised displays. Paired with the removal of the awnings the space is now clearly visible to all passing by.