Local favorite; The Purple Pig

Name: The Purple Pig
Location: Chicago, IL

The Purple Pig is easily one of my favorite dining spots in the city. With an intimate and warm space, great wine list, and fun menu it easily fits the bill for just about any occasion. Even with an hour average wait time (every day, all year long…), The Purple Pig is the restaurant we frequent the most often and the place we are most likely to take visitors.

With an extremely small space, seating was maximized by using long community table in the middle of the space. Paired with a few two and four tops (and the outdoor patio in the summer.) allows them to accommodate almost any size group and helps turn over tables relatively quickly and efficiently.  

The spanish tiles add a bit of playfulness to the space while the wine barrels and art work all play on the literal side of their motto 'Cheese, Wine, & Swine'.