A Concept Divided; Origo

Name: Origo
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Design: Lama Architectura

A trend I've been watching for a while now is duel-concepts under a single roof. If done well, they can offer the owner maximum ROI, attract a larger demographic, and merge interests. Origo, in Romania has done just this by splitting their space and concept by time; coffee shop in the morning, cocktail bar at night. 

Keeping the space minimal allows for both concepts to operate within the space space, utilizing the same fixtures and furnishings. A heavy handed use of wood and raw metal are contrasted by cups and saucers artfully displayed from the ceiling. Once again proving the benefit of repetition with a everyday object.  By keeping all art limited to the cup/saucer installation, it allows the space to remain focused and draws the users eye up to the original beam ceiling uncovered during construction.

Maximizing seating using bar height and banquette styles also keeps the space open and draws the eye through the space, downplaying its lack of width and focusing on its exaggerated length.

All photos © We Heart