Patricia Coffee

Name: Patricia Coffee
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Design: Foolscap
Photography: Erika Hildegard

One of the greatest components of being a part of a creative community is the creative collaborations we get to facilitate and participate in. Our friend Erika, is an extremely talented photographer and just relocated to Melbourne, Australia. We couldn't wait to see the adventure through her lens, and decided to team up to bring our readers a few intimate looks inside some of Melbourne favorite spots.

Patricia coffee is a small cafe located on the corner Little Bourke & Little Williams and focuses on providing great coffee with little distraction.

Patricia's small space allows for 'standing room only' in order to focus on simplicity and producing a great cup of coffee.

The space merges traditional with new just as the coffee served bridges the traditional coffee experience with the bustling new coffee scene in Melbourne.

Simple details, a restrained color palate, and modern touches create a rich space that still feels open and inviting. 

I love the creative use of simple tile to create a more detailed pattern which acts as a simple backdrop to the coffee production.