Loveat Jaffa Cafe

Name: Loveat Jaffa Cafe
Location: Tel Aviv
Design: Studio Ronen Levin/ Eran Chehanowitz

Located in a renovated hanger in what was once, an orange packaging plant, Loveat seeks to be an organic coffee break. Designed with the buildings history in mind, the space is laid out into multiple boxes and stacked, just like cargo about to leave the facility would have been.

Loveat Jaffa by Studio Ronen Levin and Eran Chehanowitz

Materials used through much of the space include metal wire mesh, wood, and heavy work shirts which all tie back to the factory idea.

The pop of yellow throughout the space adds a touch of freshness and energy and allows the space a feeling of  'we dont take ourselves too seriously'.

 The kitchen in the space holds true to the initially idea of designing in boxes and resides inside of a converted shipping crate.

All photos © Dezeen / Loveat