Name: Dishoom
Location: London
Design: AfroditiKrassa

Dishoom was designed to revitalize and pay tribute to the traditional cafes of Bombay. Concentrating on telling the story of these cafes, as well as keeping true to the architectural and design tradition, the space reflects old traditions and values while remaining firmly planted in the now.

A modern, monochromatic color palate and bold geometric shapes help bridge the gap between the history represented by Dishoom and the modern London where is currently resides. 

Family portraits hung on the walls were standard in Bombay cafe's and the tradition has been carried through to the new space. 

Mismatched chairs with marble-topped bistro tables give a casual feel to the otherwise modern and geometric space. 

Photos 1-3 © Sim Canetty via Dishoom
Photos 4-7 © Yatzer