State Bird Provisions

Name: State Bird Provisions
Location: San Francisco

State Bird Provisions, located in the Western Addition neighborhood of San Francisco, has quickly climbed to the top of restaurant lists due to its innovative menu and serving technique. 

The space is sparsely simple with an emphasis and focus put into the key components of the space. The bar features six, center of the action spots while one wall features a peg board with changing art. The opposite concrete wall has been left exposed spare a few pieces of art. 
One of the greatest design elements of the space is easily their rolling bar carts. All food is served dim-sum style and brought out on these carts, to your table, with prices for each plate. This change in service style is the driving force behind the design intention, large isles and less obstructions for servers are crucial for easily serving food and allowing guest to focus their attention on the food being brought around. 

Photo 1 & 2 © State Bird Provisions
Image 3, 5 © SF Eater
Image 4 © Bon Appetit