Barista Parlor

Name: Barista Parlor
Location: Nashville, TN

The brew station at Barista Parlor, with owner Andy Mumma in the back.

I seem to have a sweet spot for well crafted cafes. 
Maybe it was the years spent behind an espresso machine that gave me my appreciation for the perfectly executed cup. It goes without saying then, that a well-crafted space that encourages this beautiful art form, will always be able to grab my attention.

Barista Parlor is located in Nashville, TN and successfully crafted a space for locals but staying true to their roots. Using only Nashville made products and materials sourced from the area, the details shine.
The custom crafted tables, chairs, stools, lights and shelves all come from local artisans right in the area and add a warmth to the large space. 

The antiques and found object located throughout the space have a curated feel and bring in the Nashville flair while the large pixelated ship artwork enhances the colors of the wood.

Image 1 © TMagazine
Image 2- 5 © Zarna's Runway