Handsome Coffee Roasters

Name: Handsome Coffee Roasters
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Architecture: Kari Richardson 
Design: Woodsmithe

Handsome Coffee Roasters, located in the arts district of LA encompasses some of my favorite elements for any hospitality/restaurant design; simplicity, natural materials & color palate, quality product, great branding and concept, and attention to details.
The subway tiles on the coffee bar are replicated in aged oak along the back wall and features a laser etched branding detail. I also love the glass walls separating the roasting from the coffee bar, allowing customers a visual connection to the art and process. By focusing in on the concept, they were able to keep the design simple and pure, allowing the coffee to shine in it's environment.

Image 1-3 © Hypebeast
Image 5 © Cool Hunting
Image 4,6 © selectism.com