Super Whatnot

Name: Super Whatnot
Location: Brisbane
Architect: Marc&Co

Located in an old industrial building, Super Whatnot is a great example of quality branding, graphic design, and interior design. All crucial components that must work seamlessly together in order to create a visually successful space. With light wood, exposed brick, metal bar finishes, and exposed metal beams, the interior gives in to an urban/ industrial vibe while the penny tile, bar stools, wood stools and banquettes all add an element of vintage to the mix. The branding and graphic design finishes out the mix and pulls the entire urban/vintage/ industrial vibe together.

The combination of wood, intricate metal work, and exposed brick is wonderful. Perfectly industrial but just polished enough to feel finished and not gritty.

Photos 1-7 © AECCafe
Photos 8- 10 © Design Work Life