Jeffery's Grocery

Name: Jeffery's Grocery 
Location: NY

There is always something special about brick and a tin ceiling. Maybe it's the reference and feeling of home but no matter what, it always exudes character and warmth. Jeffrey's Grocery is a great example of this character and warmth. As a grocery and oyster bar, you can come in for everything from produce to a great dinner. I adore that the grocers' main floor has an intimate amount of seating, primarily located at bar-height communal tables. The chalkboard walls, rough wood shelfs reminiscent of crates, and rich dark wood give the space a feeling as if it's been there forever.

I find myself drawn to Jeffrey’s Grocery
I have become rather fond of bird’s eye views, especially after Mike’s sketch of our Thanksgiving preparations, so decided to try my messy hand at it. Jeffrey’s Grocery is our favorite place in West Village for beer and charcuterie. The owner and most everyone who works there are from Wisconsin- so you know it has to be good. Check it out next time you are in the neighborhood. We recommend you give the Six Point “Little Wisco Special” a try. 
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