Name: B.A.R.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

B.A.R. (Blasieholmens Akvarium Restaurang) is an approachable and timeless restaurant located in the heart of Stockholm. With a goal of serving 'uncomplicated, delicious fresh food' they have also managed to create a space fitting of the beautiful food being put out. With classic scandinavian details; neutral and bright color palate, natural materials, and simple yet beautiful displays and execution, B.A.R has given us a space that is bright, airy and yet approachable and comfortable. The almost handcrafted aesthetic to the space drives home the simple, handcrafted nature of the food which creates a perfect marriage of interior and food. This symbiotic relationship is what I believe to be necessary for a successful restaurant.

Image 1,6 © kikki-k
Image 2,6 © Koncept Stockholm
Image 3-5 © B.A.R.